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Resco launches Resco Inspections: Shape every step of your inspection process

Bratislava, Slovakia – January 22, 2019 – Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions, has officially released Resco Inspections – its new product streamlining inspections from start to finish.

Imagine technicians going through extensive checks of complex equipment or agents documenting damage for insurance claims. Staff checking a store’s inventory, workplace safety supervisors, or sales reps gathering customer feedback. Inspections come into play in countless scenarios across all industries.

However, every use case requires unique questionnaires with specific question types. For example a technician needs to include a photos, while store clerks reviewing inventory need mainly checkboxes and picklists. Therefore, suitable questionnaires must be set up first. Team managers then need to assign the questionnaires to available staff. The workforce complete the questionnaires, and send back the results. Which have to be processed afterwards.

Resco Inspections enables any organization to effectively create and distribute fully customized, highly structured questionnaires. It also simplifies data collection for the staff in the field, and allows to instantly review and evaluate the results. To boost efficiency even further, the solution can utilize existing business data by connecting to external data sources.

“Resco has been an active player in the mobile business software sector for almost two decades, which resulted in our leading position in this area.”, added Radomir Vozar, CEO at Resco. “Resco Inspections is a perfect fit for sales and service organizations with a workforce in the field and nicely complements our vision of enterprise mobility.”

Resco Inspections consists of 4 key components – Designer, Scheduler, Inspections app and Analyst – which help users to cover each step of the inspection process.


The Designer provides the tools to effectively create questionnaires for any use case. Whether an organization requires simple surveys to extensive inspections with hundreds of questions and conditional logic. Questionnaire design and behavior is always case-specific and entirely up to the user’s requirements. Furthermore, users don’t need to be system admins – even a tech-savvy manager can set up one-of-a-kind questionnaires.

Key features:

  • Web-based tool with intuitive drag-and-drop user interface
  • Question groups and templates – organize even hundreds of questions and create entire question blocks reusable with a single a click
  • Variety of question types – checkboxes, picklists, text fields, multimedia uploads, electronic signatures, QR & barcode scanning and more
  • Fully customizable questionnaire logic – defined via form rules or JavaScript
  • Per-record architecture – users can design questionnaires without the need to access metadata


The Scheduler enables users to assign the created questionnaires to the staff in the field and oversee their progress. Including detailed information about the schedule, location, planned activities and skills of each team member. Choosing the right person for the job has never been easier.

Key features:

  • Web based tool with drag-and-drop interface to plan work and distribute questionnaires to staff in the field
  • Notifications about exceptional events – delays, cancelled inspections, etc.
  • Tracking real-time progress – if anyone will be finishing sooner than originally expected, the manager can re-assign inspections between team members to balance workloads and get more done through the day

Inspections app

No more dragging stacks of paper around, no lengthy searching for sections with relevant questions. Utilizing the Resco Inspections app, workers in the field always have reliable access to the questionnaires assigned to them.

Key features:

  • Native mobile application running across iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Fully functional even offline
  • Users receive and complete the questionnaires in the app
  • Guides the user step-by-step and ensures proper data collection



The information collected by the field teams can be then viewed and evaluated in detail using Analyst. This tool stores static copies of the completed questionnaires.

Key features:

  • Web-based tool to analyze inspections’ results
  • Statistics and insights for individual answer as well as entire questionnaires
  • Custom reports with configurable dashboards and charts based on collected data
  • Raw data can be exported and analyzed further with other tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce Einstein

Backend integration

Resco Inspections can be integrated natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. API for integration with other 3rd party systems is also available.

Licensing and availability

After being available to Resco partners and customers upon request throughout 2018, Resco is now publicly launching the product. Resco provides a free 30-day trial allowing partners and customers to evaluate all capabilities of the product.

The free 30-day trial of Resco Inspections is available here.

To provide flexibility for any type of organization, the pricing and licensing of Resco Inspections consists of two parts:

  • The Inspector license
  • The SuperUser (Administrator) license

Workers in the field require only the Inspector license which comes at 15€/$18 per user per month. It provides complete acess to the Resco Inspections mobile app.

The back office users who need to utilize the Resco Inspections‘ Designer, Scheduler, and Analyst, require the SuperUser (Administrator) license. This license is available in 2 plans. Single license at 250€/$300 per user per month or a Team license at 500€/$600 per 5 users per month. Each SuperUser license provides full access to the Designer, Scheduler and Analytics tool. The Single SuperUser license also includes 20 dev licenses for the Resco Inspections app. The Team SuperUser license comes with 50 of these dev licenses.

More information on Resco Inspections available at:

Resco Inspections product website

Free 30-day Resco Inspections trial

Resco pricing overview

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