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Resco introduces Houston – a workforce knowledge software with AR remote assistance

Bratislava, Slovakia – June 9, 2021 – Resco, the leading provider of cross-platform enterprise  solutions, has decided to enter a new segment in its business endeavours.

After a decade of delivering advanced solutions for CRM, ERP, and other business systems, the company is launching Resco Houston today  – its brand new workforce knowledge software. Resco Houston enables companies to support workers remotely, collect crucial information, retain tribal knowledge, and enhance workers´ skills and confidence on the job.

The importance of knowledge-sharing and workforce support

One of the main issues organizations are facing today is the skilled workforce shortage. Especially in manufacturing, the pressure to improve production quality standards and reduce errors keeps growing, as just a few minutes of downtime can represent an extensive financial burden. Resco Houston is a knowledge software  developed to help tackle these issues. Helping companies to retain and share expertise in real time, it offers remote support and empowers team members to solve any problem autonomously.

Resco Houston is a new innovative solution that will allow companies to retain and share knowledge in a way suitable for Industry 4.0 era. We are proud to be a leading force in developing technology that reflects evolving workforce and their need for real-time support and empowerment. With such an effective workforce knowledge solution, we are confident that our partners will see Houston as an opportunity to optimise their business further while making the lives of many workers easier. Miro Pomsar, CEO at Resco

In the light of Covid-19, the team behind Resco Houston focused not only on the newest innovations reflecting the principles of Industry 4.0, but also the fulfilment of workers’ needs when working remotely. Therefore, Resco Houston combines three tiers of support a company can offer to its workers in a single app:

  • The worker is empowered to work autonomously by using an app with relevant instructions needed to carry out tasks
  • Workers are encouraged to collaborate and learn from each other
  • When workers run into issues they cannot solve themselves, they can reach out to experts that will assist them remotely

Through digitalization of these processes with a focus on the human factor and its strengths and weaknesses, Resco has built a long-term solution focused on continuous improvement.

Resco Houston´s capabilities

Resco’s workforce knowledge software as the only one in the market now, ties together two important features: standard work instructions and  AR remote assistance. This means that it helps to simplify and improve operations through easy-to-follow visual guides and allows workers to solve any issue at hand right on the spot with the help of AR remote assistance.

The AR remote assistance feature empowers the new generation of workers to feel confident in their skills, resulting in fewer errors and better operational performance. Companies can also use the app´s capabilities to boost their resilience and enhance workforce collaboration.

Digitalization of operations

Many companies are looking to switch from physical manuals to digital standardized work instructions. With Resco Houston, workers can easily refer to a library of step-by-step guides enhanced with augmented reality. Furthermore, equipment recognition through QR codes simplifies tasks such as repairs and maintenance and results in higher productivity and reduced downtime.

Another advantage companies can get out of the app are faster onboardings and reskilling. Active learning on the job that encourages workers to use new skills in practice, instead of the traditional shadowing and classroom training approach.

Knowledge and feedback collection

The new Resco product offers companies an opportunity to build their knowledge naturally – the foundation of work instructions can be created by the workforce, right in the field while going about their tasks. Those can be easily edited and standardized by a knowledge manager.

After completing a task, Resco Houston will give workers the opportunity to provide feedback, rate and comment on materials and instructions. This way, companies can collect information to create, update, and manage a knowledge database and further improve their standardized processes.

Remote collaboration & AR

Resco Houston also includes a collaborative platform where technicians can share their day-to-day experiences and learn from each other. Thanks to AR video calls, companies can enhance internal collaboration between operators and technicians. In case of a complex issue or emergency, experts can help in real-time to find the most effective solution.

This feature reinforces companies’ resilience and comes in handy especially at times of unexpected disruptions, such as the current COVID-19 restrictions. Even if unable to travel, experts can stay connected from home, which allows them to help essential workers in the field.

About Resco

Resco, founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. It enables companies to use and collect vital business data in the field and digitize paper-based processes through state-of-the-art technology. Today, 2,500+ corporate customers with over 200,000 licensed users worldwide use Resco to mobilize their operations for the 21st century.

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