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Resco and MedPath announce new partnership to streamline home healthcare providers’ fieldwork

Bratislava, Slovakia & Toronto, Canada – May 13, 2021 – Resco, the leading provider of cross-platform enterprise mobile solutions, and MedPath, a developer of creative business solutions for the healthcare industry, have joined forces to optimize home healthcare providers’ fieldwork and logistics. MedPath’s Home Health Care Provider Management System empowers organizations to deliver quality healthcare to even more patients, no matter where they are.

As the need for virtual and home healthcare increases, the collaboration between MedPath and Resco will help revolutionize healthcare delivery to patients’ homes.

The solution built by MedPath on top of Resco technology supports:

  • In-app instant messaging between employees, enabling to share files and discuss appointment details, leading to improved teamwork
  • Practitioner route planning between appointments
  • Optimized GPS navigation to patient locations
  • Practitioner input fields for notes, insurance details, signatures, and more
  • Virtual healthcare appointments
  • Drag-and-drop interface tools that allow dispatch workers to efficiently assign appointments to healthcare practitioners and recover from last-minute cancellations
  • Cloud-based integration to existing electronic medical record systems
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Instant & secure biometric and username login
  • And much more

The solution provides healthcare practitioners (HCPs) easy and secure access to:

  • Patient information
  • Patient symptoms
  • Patient booking history and recovery rate
  • Health records and more

House call requests can be scheduled on a live territory map

  • Patient appointments appear as markers on live territory maps
  • Dispatch teams can drag-and-drop appointments right onto the HCP’s schedules
  • Area heat map changes color to reflect potential HCP-to-patient capacity issues
  • Strategically position HCPs across the area map
  • Quickly access appointment summary information while in map view via pop-up annotations
  • Monitor HCP locations and route progress in real time

Instant text communication streamlines collaboration

  • Dispatcher can efficiently manage multiple text communications with HCPs
  • Flexible in-app messaging system encourages HCPs to collaborate
  • Schedule updates are communicated to HCPs through text messages

Healthcare is one of the industries our partners are most active in. It’s our pleasure to start this cooperation with MedPath, who have so much experience in this sector. Mobile technologies can make a big difference in the daily work of physicians, nurses, and personal support workers, especially during the current pandemic. Resco technology is in good hands, and I’m sure they will use it to its full potential to make the work of healthcare workers more effective. And therefore, to make the world a bit safer and healthier.Ivan Stano, COO at Resco

We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Resco. Healthcare is an industry we all depend on. An industry that requires continuous innovation. Resco’s robust experience in cross-industry fieldwork logistics is a perfect fit with MedPath’s focus on providing these customized tools to the world of home health care.Chris Mihalicz, CEO at MedPath

About MedPath

MedPath is a North American software innovator that helps home healthcare organizations across Canada and the U.S. better manage their field healthcare workers, treatment plans, billing, ratings, and more. It integrates seamlessly with almost any EMR, invoicing, and billing system but can also work as a standalone system.

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About Resco

Founded in 1999, Resco is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. Today its products are utilized by 2,500+ corporate customers with more than 200,000 licensed business users. The cornerstone of Resco’s multi-experience development platform is the Woodford configuration and management tool, which, together with the Resco mobile apps, is at the heart of all Resco products.

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