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Resco & Aha Apps announce partnership to accelerate field service implementations

Bratislava, Slovakia & Richmond, VA, USA – August 25, 2022 – Resco, the leading provider of cross-platform enterprise mobile solutions, and Aha Apps, a US-based software integrator that has been creating customized software tools for businesses for over ten years, have joined forces to help clients optimize and automate processes with Resco’s powerful offline mobile solutions.

Aha Apps specializes in Field Service automation using industry-leading platforms from Resco, Microsoft, and Salesforce. and Aha apps partnership

The main reasons Aha Apps decided to partner up with Resco were the world-class offline capabilities that enable field teams to work easily.

They were attracted to the platform’s simplicity and extensibility, allowing them to complete a field service implementation in 3-4 months, thereby bringing real time savings and a competitive advantage to their clients.

Resco’s solutions solve the most troubling problem for field techs: usability. Lastly, the platforms’ ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BC and Salesforce was an added advantage.

Aha Apps works in Fire Safety and manufacturing companies that usually have service departments.


Solving big problems with simple tools is a lot of fun for me! The simplicity of Resco’s platform and the speed at which we can deploy solutions made it a no-brainer to partner with Resco.Satish Reddy, CEO at Aha Apps


I am very excited about the partnership with Satish and his team at Aha Apps, who bring tremendous experience in designing and developing custom business applications. Our visions are a unique fit, and I appreciate Aha App’s drive to provide the best experiences for the field workers with one main goal – continuous success – which is very close to our heart at Resco.Ivan Stano, COO at Resco

About Aha Apps

Aha Apps specializes in Field Service automation using industry-leading platforms from Microsoft, Salesforce, and Resco. We empower your field techs with the right tools by capturing information in the field with mobile apps, avoiding data entry from data collected using pen & paper.

No phone/internet signal – no problem. Teams can work normally and sync data when connected. Apps are easily customizable with no/low coding and provide dashboards and reports of your field operations to enable better decisions by management.

Aha Apps allow you to organize, optimize, and outperform!

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About Resco
Founded in 1999, Resco is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. Today its products are utilized by 2,000+ corporate customers with more than 200,000 licensed business users. The cornerstone of Resco’s multi-experience development platform is the Woodford configuration and management tool, which, together with the Resco mobile apps, is at the heart of all Resco products.

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