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City Smart Services by Resco Connect Municipalities with Citizens and facilitate efficient Public Service

Bratislava, Slovakia – November 8, 2017 – Resco, the leading provider of advanced mobile CRM solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has released City Smart Services. A cloud-based solution with cross-platform mobile apps helping to connect municipalities with citizens and facilitate the resolution of day-to-day issues affecting residents’ everyday lives.


City Smart Services combines a cloud-based scheduling system for municipality officials with two integrated mobile applications – one for city residents to report various issues occurring in public areas; the other for city’s contractors and technicians to receive and document the service jobs they were assigned to complete.

For citizens, City Smart Services brings effortless reporting and a complete overview of the resolution process.

What is the most pressing issue we experience when approaching our governments and public offices? Usually, dealing with them is just too cumbersome. However, people are used to instantly connecting pretty much with anyone, anytime, and anywhere via mobile apps – and there’s no reason for municipalities not to make use of this trend in scenarios where it simply makes sense,”Radomir Vozar, CEO of Resco

Whether a pothole, burnt out street light, or an unauthorized landfill, residents can now submit reports with just a few taps on their phone or tablet. Complete with description, photos, and GPS location – no need to write a lengthy email to the city council or call the service hotline.

At the same time, City Smart Services provides municipalities with full control over submitted reports. Once the citizen sends a report, responsible city officials receive it in the Resco Cloud scheduling system. They can assess the issue and then facilitate the actual resolution. Within the scheduler the officials can see an overview of city’s contractors and service technicians. When they find a contractor/technician suitable and available for the job, they can instantly assign it to this worker.

The contractors/service technicians will be notified about a new task via their dedicated mobile app. There, they’ll also find the details of the job and can even use the app to navigate to the destination. On-site, they can also utilize it to document the work – adding photos, video and even audio recordings to the work order. As soon as the job is finished they can send back a report and when the city official receives it in the scheduler, he can update the report’s status. And the citizens will be notified that the reported issue has been handled.

To reduce the time needed for deployment, City Smart Services is a complete, ready-made solution. However, partners and customers can also easily extend it to other field service scenarios. With all the designs, schemas, and source codes available as a starting point, partners can learn from this solution and modify it easily. They can add custom entities, create unique workflows, alter the user interface design and more – delivering customized field service solutions across an array of sectors and industries.” adds Radomir Vozar

Resco now also to offer City Smart Services free of charge for the first 20 municipalities which decide to deploy the solution.

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