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40 new features arrive in the Autumn update of Resco Mobile CRM

Resco expands its mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Oracle CX with yet another fresh batch of new and improved capabilities.

Bratislava, Slovakia — October 12, 2016 — Resco has released the Autumn update of Resco Mobile CRM, expanding its mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Oracle CX with yet another fresh batch of new and improved capabilities.

Immediately after opening the application, this latest release enables users to create their own custom dashboards right within the app. To get a complete overview of what lies ahead with just one look, users can display various types of entities at the same time in the calendar, and can also see a preview of each event in the monthly view.

In the fashion of conveying information efficiently, list views can utilize a responsive design — so when the user expands a list view to take up a bigger part of the screen, items on it can automatically modify their appearance (e.g. changing from two rows to a single-row view).

And from now on, companies can also take advantage of Resco LoginTagTM technology, allowing them to encode users’ access credentials into QR codes and NFC tags, to speed up and secure the login process.

See some of the latest functionalities in action in the video, and checkout the entire list of new features below. Autumn update of Resco Mobile CRM is now available for download on Apple App Store, Google Play & Windows Store.

What’s new in the autumn release of Resco Mobile CRM?


iOS 10 support — Resco Mobile CRM runs smoothly on Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones and iPads

3D Touch shortcuts (iOS) — users can easily create new appointments & tasks, send e-mails, and log phone calls utilizing 3D touch shortcuts available straight from the app’s icon on your home screen (supported on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, and 7 Plus, with iOS 9 or later)

QR code login (iOS & Android) — instead of manually typing in lengthy usernames and elaborate passwords (optional), companies can provide employees with QR codes containing the credentials; users will simply scan the code and have the login information automatically filled in

NFC login (Android) — for Android devices, companies can also issue NFC tags encoded with user credentials; employees then pair the tag with their devices to log in quickly and securely

Desktop handles mobile URL link format — desktop version of the Resco Mobile CRM application can now handle the “mobilecrm://” URL links, which are generated to quickly access specific records

Significantly faster barcode scanner (Windows 10)

Dashboards, charts & e-mail

Design your own dashboards right in the Setup section of the app utilizing also the new chart types and expanded chart configuration possibilities.

Design dashboards in the mobile app — build customized dashboards directly within the application; users can select entities, add action buttons, and display records on a list, map, or as a chart to create dashboards meaningful specifically to them

New chart types — users can utilize the new Donut, Gauge, Area, and Stacked Area charts to get an even better overview of their data

Expanded chart configuration options — additional setting options are available for charts – stacked/grouped option for bars, the possibility to remove drill down, or to set label styles for pie charts

External e-mail content loading option — system administrators can give users the option to load external e-mail content (typically pictures) for each message opened in the Mobile CRM application, or have the app always load external e-mail content by default

Faster synchronization of Exchange e-mails and appointments

Open e-mails in a flash with Resco Mobile CRM; external content of the messages can be loaded automatically, or users can decide – for each e-mail individually – whether to download it or not.


Calendar hub — users can display multiple entity types at the same time in the calendar; e.g., they can have all their tasks, appointments, and any other activities visible at a single glance

Event preview in Month view — the monthly calendar now shows a handy preview of user’s appointments, tasks, and other activities planned for each day, instead of just an indication icon; with a single tap on any of the previews, users can see the detailed information on a form

Week number configuration — in the Woodford configuration tool, administrators can set up a way in which the in-app calendar will count the weeks of the year and choose which day should mark the start of a new week

Show events with zero duration — users can now view events in the calendar that have “From” and “To” set to the same value

The calendar displays various entity types all at once, so you can get a complete overview of your planned events with just one look.


Edit document from list — users can open and start editing documents attached to records straight from the list view, without having to open the related form first

Print document from JavaScript — the application enables users to print documents even from a completely customized app interfaced created with JavaScript or from any part of your custom code

Mobile reports

Excel support — Resco Mobile CRM can now generate mobile reports not only as PDFs, Word documents, in HTML format, but also as Excel spreadsheets

Image and signature support in Word — when creating a mobile report in Word format, users can also include images and signatures with the document

Conditional visibility — fields can be left out of a mobile report if they meet specific conditions pre-defined by system admins; e.g. if a there’s a digital signature field on an order form, but the customer has not signed it, the mobile report generated from the order will not contain an empty digital signature field, simply because there is no data in that field

Page break support — the app now supports markers in mobile reports which signify that the content that follows is a part of a new page; for example, if a user decides to print a report the content will be correctly positioned across the pages

Generate and share precise mobile reports even when offline, in all major formats – PDF, Microsoft Word & Excel, and even and in HTML.

Route planning

Configurable Start Hour, Duration and Work Location — system admins can now set up default Start Hour, Duration (time spent at each stop), and Work Location for route plans, so the users don’t need to do it manually in the app

Optional completion button — system admins can choose whether to include a completion button in Route Planning for users to confirm that they have completed their route


Responsive list design — when the available width of the list view changes, the application can automatically update the view to effectively convey information — e.g. when a list view is expanded to full screen, the two-row design of items can be automatically changed and each record will be displayed in a single row, making better use of larger screen space

Load records through JavaScript Bridge — custom list views can be created using JavaScript Bridge, capable of showing even unrelated data in a single view, further expanding the list views’ flexibility and at the same time enabling to utilize the standard Resco lists as UI elements

Handle list commands through JavaScript Bridge — list buttons, multi-selection actions and custom commands can be now handled via JavaScript for complete control in complex scenarios

Items on a list can automatically change their appearance to make better use of the screen space available, e.g. switch from a two-row design to a single-row look when a user expands the list view across the screen.

Form rules

IsSectionVisible field property — an entire section of fields on a form can be hidden with a single rule in the Woodford configuration tool, instead of having to set up the rule for each field individually

Focus field property — now, focus on a field can be set via a rule or JavaScript; e.g. when the application detects there’s incorrect or missing information in a required field it will show a message to notify the user and afterwards the cursor will be placed in that specific field to direct the user’s attention

Caption form property — enables users to give custom names to forms directly from the application


Currency format — Resco Mobile CRM supports Dynamics Currency Format Code, which enables to display currency sign before or after the numeric value (for example $399, or 399€)

Entirely configurable minute value in time picker — until now minutes in the time picker were configurable only in 5-minute intervals (e.g. 8:00, 8:05, 8:15 etc.), but now users can choose any value for the time picker’s minute field (from :00 to :59)

Search picklists using external keyboard — for even faster navigation in fields with picklists, users can search and move through available options by typing in the first letters of a word also on an external keyboard

Update picklist items through JavaScript Bridge — system admins can add, remove, and modify picklist options also via JavaScript Bridge

Show activities for related records option is now configurable in Woodford — including activities for related records on Accounts and Contacts can be now set in Woodford

Create entity from ManyToMany lookup dialog — to simplify in-app navigation and save clicks, new entity record can be created from the ManyToMany lookup dialog by simply clicking on the ‘+’ button

Scanning in list and Lookup form works in the same way — we’ve unified the way how search using barcode works on lists (associated, public) and lookups, even if you have multiple barcode fields defined

Set accuracy and age for location query through JavaScript Bridge — additional parameters (meters & seconds) that can be defined for the GPS retrieval via JavaScript

Localizable chat — the in-app chat, newly re-designed in the Summer release, can be localized to other languages just like the rest of the Resco Mobile CRM app.

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