Inspections Form Designer

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Inspection Mobile Forms & Questionnaire Designer

Evolve your forms with Inspections Questionnaire Designer

Digitizing your paperwork couldn’t be easier with our intuitive drag-and-drop form designer. Evolve your inspection forms with hundreds of advanced features.

Drag & Drop Designer

Digitizing your paperwork will become a matter of minutes with the simple drag-and drop UI. All inspection checklists are fully customizable.

Inspections Form Designer

Ask any question

There are no limitations to your forms. You can ask virtually any kind of question and ask for any type of answer.

Text Checkbox
Single and multiple-choice questions Option set
Whole number E-mail
Decimal number Numeric range URL
Date, date and time HTML
Inspections Form Designer

Smarter forms with rich data

Add rich data to your forms to highlight issues by uploading images or videos. Tag photos or use AI image recognition.

Multimedia upload
Add images, sound or photos to your forms, edit them to highlight problems.

AI Image Recognition
Use AI to automatically recognize parts and objects.

Photo tagging
Add tags to images to comment or add questions.

Smart forms to make your work easier

Update forms with a few clicks and show only questions that are necessary.

Custom business logic
Show questions based on previous answers, add validations, apply conditional styling, etc.

Define, manage and quickly reuse common sections in your forms, including corresponding logic

Pre-filled answers
Reuse previously collected answers as default answers in future forms to speed up field work

Need to go back to a previous version of your form? Create versions of the same form and track all your changes

Inspections Form Designer

Question Scoring

Add different weight to your questions by assigning a score. Question scoring will help you discover irregularities faster and you will get a quicker overview of issues that matter to you.

Inspections Form Designer


Create different language versions of the same form if you have an international team or operate in several countries. Save time to create forms, gather answers and data collectively.

Inspections Form Designer

Track duration

Track how much time it takes to fill out the form. Know how long it takes to perform a job and schedule the daily tasks more efficiently.

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