Resco Partner Awards 2020: Why should you apply and how to create a compelling entry?


Resco.next 2020 is getting closer and we are looking forward to recognizing our most innovative and top-performing partners.
Who will be the winners and finalists of this year’s awards? We don’t have a magic ball, but based on our experience from last year, we know what entries will have a good chance to succeed.

Resco Innovation Partner of the Year

Resco Innovation Award is the only award where partners can nominate solutions themselves. We receive your submissions, evaluate them and pick the best ones. Last year’s winners and finalists covered not only the technical aspects of their innovative solutions but focused also on their business impact & benefits.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a company of less than 10 people, or a global player with offices on each continent – the important thing is the work you do. For example, Avento – the fearless leader in the field, and a company of just 20 dedicated individuals, was last year’s Resco Innovation Partner of the Year winner, with their solution for the FMCG sector – FMCG365.
If you have demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Resco technology, you should certainly apply. Some examples of innovation are:

  • Creation of a unique solution utilizing Resco technology and features such as AI, machine learning or image recognition
  • Implementation of Resco technology to wearables – smartwatches, mixed reality headsets (e.g. HoloLens) or other smartwear
  • Addition of an innovative functionality to the Resco solution (for instance by using JavaScript Bridge or other methods)
  • Integration with third-party tools and nonstandard backend systems (other than CRM).

This category will have one winner and up to three finalists.
Deadline for submission is September 30, 2020 until 11:59 PM.
You can submit multiple entries.
Email partners@resco.net to receive complete submission instructions.

Resco Partner of the Year

From our global network of 500+ implementation partners, we will choose one considering the number and size of successfully implemented Resco projects, with high emphasis placed on customer satisfaction.
Last year’s winner, ORBIS, has been one of our top-performing partners for many years. They received the award not only thanks to  great sales numbers, but also because of exceptional satisfaction ratings from their customers. ORBIS derives its expertise from 2,000+ customer projects for more than 500 clients in the sectors of automotive and construction supplies, electrical, mechanical and plant engineering, logistics, metal, consumer goods and trade.
When deciding on the global winner for 2020, we will take into account:

  • Volume of licenses sold since 2019 until submission deadline
  • Number of new customers since 2019 until submission deadline
  • Retention of existing customer base
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Number of Resco Inspections customers

This category will have one winner and up to three finalists.

Resco Breakthrough Partner of the Year

This award recognizes one partner that emerged and expanded its partnership with Resco since 2019, resulting in outstanding growth in its customer base and/or revenue. If you recently started working with Resco and got off to a strong start or have been a long-time partner and redefined your relationship for the better, it won’t go unnoticed. We will pick one winner and up to three finalists based on:

  • Revenue growth rate
  • Growth and retention of existing customer base
  • Contribution to Resco pipeline
  • Achieved Resco certifications through Resco Academy
  • Number of online and in-person Resco trainings attended

Resco MVP

And then, there are Resco MVPs – the teachers and influencers in our community.
Inspired by Microsoft and Salesforce, we are recognizing individuals that have been actively sharing their technology, business and industry knowledge to communities related directly or indirectly to Resco. This can take place online (blog articles, social media posts, webinars) or at local, regional and international business events. Consultants that have played a key role in successful Resco implementations and who helped us reach new markets, are also eligible for the title.
If you feel that yourself or someone you know is a suitable candidate for this prestigious title, let us know by writing to partners@resco.net. Submissions are open for Resco partner employees, but also independent consultants.
This title can be awarded throughout the year and is valid for one year from the date of issue. There is no limit on how many years in a row a person can become a Resco MVP.

What’s in it for you?

The winners will be featured in follow-up press releases and will receive a marketing kit (award logos, press template, designation badge, photos & video, etc.), so they can promote their accomplishment. They will also receive additional prizes, including complimentary passes for the resco.next 2021 conference. Becoming an award winner or finalist helps to:

  • Establish a company as a leader in the enterprise mobility
  • Create new & stronger business opportunities
  • Lead to increased market recognition
  • Generate positive press coverage
  • Present the organization as a software implementation partner with major Resco expertise

We’re looking forward to receiving your entries at partners@resco.net.