Resco behind the scenes – “Out-of-office insights”

Once, we invited you to our colorful office. Do you remember?
Today, we’d like to show you who Resco is outside the office doors.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

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Our friends & allies tend to call Resco’s technology flexible, ever-growing, unique.
The same can be said about Resco as a company, as a family that has been collecting fun-filled, inspiring moments along the way since we first started. Flexible working environment, extended family, unique atmosphere. That is the vision Resco started its journey with 20 years ago and has not changed ever since.
One of the reasons Resco employees stay and play for the Resco team for more than just a couple of weeks are the employee benefits and regular events. One of such is the annual team-building & grill party beside a famous Slovak lake. 20 years is quite a special age. And those of you who have met our team at conferences or came down to visit our offices, can sure tell that we know how to enjoy a good party. 🙂
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Today, we’d like to invite you to our “private party” filled with fun activities like golf, cooking classes, volleyball, tennis, paddle-board, disco and more.
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Cheers to the next 20 years! 🥂

Of course, we also discussed the company vision for the upcoming years, since Resco is constantly evolving. Come to the conference, if you’d like to learn more about the direction we’ll be heading towards in the upcoming years and enjoy a couple of good drinks and conversations with your Resco peers.

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