Support your field technicians more flexibly as Resco Houston is now available on new devices in Resco Autumn Update

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In the field of Innovations, Resco’s Autumn Update 2020 brings several improvements in the remote assistance tool Resco Houston. Now, guiding your field workers, remote collaboration of teams, or onboarding of new employees become even more accessible and flexible.
The latest Resco Houston update extends support to different devices, increases accuracy, simplifies the set up in Woodford, and provides further options for collecting valuable data. So you can speed up the repair process by sharing the company knowledge effectively. Let’s look into these innovations in more detail

Back-office experts now connect from their primary devices

Guiding or aiding your field technicians remotely is a time and cost-effective procedure that can dramatically streamline your workflow. As the best experts don’t have to travel miles to reach a problem, and can help many more on-site workers via AR video calls, you’re saving the resources needed to deploy your field service strategy.
The Autumn Update brings support to new devices to further help the experts working remotely. As they work primarily from their laptops and desktops, they can utilize the Resco web app to receive Houston AR video calls via a web browser.

Complementing the support for iPhones and iPads, it allows technicians to quickly adapt to the environment they’re working in. Whether they need more flexibility and use a mobile device, or they prefer to see the issue on a bigger screen, they have options to choose from.

Call receiving on desktop as easy as it can

So how can a remote expert take a Houston  AR video call on a laptop or desktop? If you use the Resco Inspections app with Resco Cloud, you can use either Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to connect. The best practice is to utilize the built-in push notifications to alert you about an incoming call. This way, you don’t even need to have the Inspections web app opened in the browser, just a browser with one tab running is enough.
Houston browser notification from the Resco Inspections web app
To make the process as streamlined as possible, you will need to allow receiving browser notifications to utilize Resco Houston in full on a desktop.
Afterward, the flow of the AR Houston video call looks like this:

  1. You receive a system notification about an incoming call.
  2. Click Open “Incoming Call”. The call dialog opens in your browser. You can either accept or decline the call.
  3. Click Accept to open the Resco Houston web interface.
  4. Wait for the caller to map the AR scene with his/hers device.
  5. After a few seconds, when the mapping is completed, you can start drawing into the scene.

For full set up of the Houston AR video calls, check out our Wiki documentation.

Collect more data and attach more detail to the calls

During AR video calls, team members can share a lot of knowledge, discover to new solutions of issues, or learn important information they can use later in the process. To have better access to this precious information, they can now add notes to each individual call, to come back and review them whenever needed.

This way, you can easily expose frequent problems and adapt your workflows to solve them. For example, if wind turbine technicians always struggle with the same issue affecting electrical components, you can develop a custom guide or process to assist with the issue. The technicians can share the problem through the Inspections app, and back-office experts can effectively guide them in resolving the malfunction.
Furthermore, Resco Houston now delivers improved accuracy of drawing and environment scanning. Especially with the LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro, you can achieve very high precision when working with AR instructions.
Resco Houston available in: Inspections

Support your field technicians with Resco Houston

The ability to remotely assist field technicians and employees working in out-of-the-office environments enables to make your company and staff more effective. Saving both time and money that would be required to dispatch additional technicians to the site. Solve complex problems with ease and get your job done on the first visit with Houston AR video calls.
You can try Resco Houston immediately in your Resco Inspections app. If you haven’t tried the app yet, start your free 30-day trial today.
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