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The Resco Inspections app for Salesforce comes with several sample questionnaire checklists for manufacturing, energy, and property maintenance processes. All templates have been designed in cooperation with our customers and partners. They are a result of the countless discussions we had with them at conferences all around the world.  
There are free checklists, forms, and reports available in Resco template library that can be used straight away or you can use them as a starting point for further customization to fit your specific processes. You can access the templates in just a matter of minutes, speeding up and simplifying the process of questionnaire building, as well as the entire inspections process.  

Let’s take a look at the some the templates in more detail:  


Equipment Maintenance Checklist 
This template is tailor-made for preventive and predictive equipment maintenance processes. Although its primarily designed for the manufacturing industry, thanks to the extensive customization options it can be utilized in other industries as well, such as energy or construction. For a detailed Equipment Maintenance Checklist guide, check out this blog post 
Health and Safety Assessment 
Employers are required by law to provide their employees with safe working conditions. This template helps field inspectors identify hazards that can threaten the safety and health of the workers in the manufacturing sphere.  
Quality Assurance Assessment 
This template helps to evaluate quality assurance practices applied throughout the manufacturing process. It’s all about making sure that the manufactured products meet the required standards in terms of quality, functionality, and durability.  
If you would like to get more information about Inspections in Manufacturing use cases, check out our webinar on the topic.  


Maintenance Manual 
This template describes the required maintenance procedures during a wind turbine service visit. Regular maintenance checks are necessary to keep wind turbines in optimum working conditions and reduce damage-related costs.  
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Risks 
OSH Risks inspections are mandatory for all workplaces. This template is specifically tailored for the wind energy sector. It guarantees high levels of occupational safety, as well as that nothing threatens the health of on-site workers while performing inspections in (mostly) high-risk areas. There are several sets of questions focused on the most essential parts of the OSH Risks inspection process, such as manufacturing, transportation, operation, and maintenance. For a more detailed look at this template, check out this blog post 
Wind Turbine Generator Checklist 
This checklist helps in making the maintenance of heavy-duty equipment, such as turbine power generators, simpler and easier.  
You can learn more details about Energy Inspections in this webinar. 

Property Maintenance 

Asbestos Safety Checklist 
This template helps site inspectors in handling asbestos-contaminated materials.  
Property Inspections 
This template is designed for general property health, safety, and wealth risk assessments. This process is usually performed when a property is being sold or rented. Once it’s done, it can be followed by the Tenant Move-In/Out Checklist 
Tenant Move-In/Out Checklist 
This checklist helps in the process of verifying and assessing property conditions. The process is usually performed before tenant move-in/move-out, property sale, or reconstruction activities. It has several sections, all covering various parts of the property. The data gathered with this template helps to describe the condition of the facility and identifies actual or potential issues, damages, or hazards. The questions address different areas of the property, including the building structure, wiring, plumbing, roof, appliances, or windows. For a more detailed guide to this specific template, check out this blog post. 
Have a look at this webinar to get a better understanding of how you can enhance your Property Management activities.  

Other templates 

Customer Satisfaction Survey  this survey is filled out by the customer after the inspector’s job is done. 
Fixing Control Panel  a step-by-step guide for repairing the damaged control panels in elevators. 
Regular Inspection – a checklist for the inspection of elevators on the account’s site. 
All predefined templates can be accessed also in the Inspections app (Android, iOS, Windows) in the Templates section. If you haven’t tried Resco Inspections yet, start a 30-day trial and get familiar with the questionnaires.    

Download our managed package  

If you liked the predefined templates, you will also like our managed package that you can download from AppExchange. This package will allow you to configure your Inspections objects in your Salesforce environment. Please note that this managed package requires an already imported Woodford solution.  
For a detailed guide on how to install the managed package click here. 
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us directly at salesforce@resco.net.