5 reasons why your business should have a mobile app

It’s been over a year since mobile platforms overtook PCs in the Internet usage. In 2014, mobile users spent 86% of the time on their devices using dedicated apps. And only 14% accessing the web via mobile browser. Therefore, it is no longer a question whether your business needs a user-friendly consumer app.
Those are the stats. But what are the other crucial reasons that make investing the time and money into a mobile app for your business worthwhile?
Let’s take a look.

Provide added value

Give (extra value) and you shall receive (new customers).
Remember when in 2009 Starbucks introduced its app? With a single wave of your phone you pay for your latte and collect loyalty points. Those are easily trackable and the app even notifies you when a new reward becomes available. Apart from upgrading the payment and ordering process, incorporating the loyalty program indeed turned out to be the ace up the company’s sleeve. And it continues to provide a significant boost. The number of the reward program members grew by 23% in Q1 2015, compared to the same quarter previous year. Which means 23% growth of regular customers.
Numerous businesses have since followed suit. An app is an effective way to provide your customers with added value. Whether it means a unique discount offering or a supermarket app that improves users’ social life – the added value provided to users can be virtually anything.

Strengthen engagement and interaction

An app is an ideal platform to communicate with your audience. Interact via a public wall or a private chat. Showcase your products or respond to any issue immediately. And utilizing push notifications is an elegant way to let users know there is something new worth checking out. Furthermore, the app can be also the starting point for the user community to connect not only with your business but with each other as well.

Build brand awareness

An average American spends 162 minutes a day on his/hers mobile device. Competing even with the time spent watching TV. Although your app might not be used all that time, the user still has to unlock, scroll and look through his phone or tablet to find the one he’s currently looking for. And as we know, our brain subconsciously records all the visuals it comes across. From icon to a user interface, a well-designed app that packs the features your clients love boosts your business’ recognition.

Stand out from the crowd

Even despite the aforementioned statistics, many businesses still don’t have their own apps. Offering one yourself is a way to differentiate yourself from the others. Combined with a unique added value and a wider exposure for your products and services, it can make the difference that gets you the deal you’re going for.

Easier to create than ever

Custom development is expensive and time-consuming. But you don’t need to build a consumer app from scratch. Instead, make use of your CRM solution and our tools and know-how of mobile solutions. With Resco’s Mobile Apps you can create completely customized apps utilizing the contents of your Dynamics CRM or Resco CRM. Whether for customers, partners, volunteers, fans or general public. And we can even get it to the app stores for you.
Interested? Then check out Mobile Apps and mobilize your external workforce with ease.