3 + 1 industries that you wouldn´t expect to use field service solutions

Humanitarian worker from NGO greeting children in Africa

When talking about mobile field service solutions, most people imagine using them in manufacturing, energy, maintenance, or similar use cases. However, field service software also found its use in some unexpected industries. How do industries like hospitality, agriculture, or healthcare benefit from it? Let´s find out.


It may surprise you, but field service solutions can also find use in the hospitality and facility management industry. Although work doesn´t take place on the go but in a building, there are many areas where field service software can help.

You still need to manage the schedules of various employee groups (such as maids, repairmen, etc.) and keep track of their tasks. Inventory and assets need to be tracked, equipment maintenance and upkeep are needed. Emergencies and accidents happen. A field service solution will help you make sure you have all the necessary parts to repair equipment, assign the right task to the right people, automate work orders, and keep track of what your employees are working on.


Employing digital technologies makes healthcare more accessible to patients than ever. Thanks to client portals, telemedicine, and AI, patients whose conditions aren´t severe don´t need to waste their time in waiting rooms.

As for mobile field service solutions, those are helping healthcare providers, such as community healthcare organizations or medical device manufacturers, work more efficiently. They allow them to switch from analog to digital and get rid of paper-based systems. A proper field service solution can help manage caregiver schedules flexibly, plan their routes, fill out patient forms directly from mobile devices and sign them with an e-signature.

You can read more about this use case in our case study. There you will find out how our solution helped the community healthcare organization Nurse Maude become more efficient.

Senior talking to doctor on tablet during the pandemic

Social services

Just like healthcare organizations, social service providers can also make use of field service software. The pandemic, along with the social distancing measures, showed us the need for digitalizing social services.

Instead of face-to-face visits, social workers had to switch to video calls with their clients and complete reports digitally. As the situation improved, workers can again visit the clients who prefer personal contact to video calls. But they still need to fill out reports, flexibly react to schedule changes, and access client information. And what better way is there to do this than by incorporating a mobile solution into their processes?


Last but not least, NGOs can also benefit from field service solutions. These organizations often work with older devices in remote areas with limited or no internet connection, such as developing countries or conflict zones. But even they need to keep track of their staff, assign tasks and cases, and collect data.

The Ugandan organization Love in Action provides support, care, and education for local families and orphans in need. The organization uses the Resco mobile app paired with Salesforce. When visiting children and families, the social workers record the details of their visits on tablets, which they synchronize at the end of day. As Resco runs smoothly on all platforms and devices, it doesn´t have any issues with their iPad 2s.

The Resco app can be customized to serve not only as a field service solution but also for other purposes. For example, the UN Refugee Agency used it to build its Rapid Application (RApp). The app handles refugee data collection and management. It is deployed across 41 countries and works perfectly offline.

How can Resco Field Service 2.0 help you?

As you can see, even if you don´t run a typical field service scenario, your company can still benefit from an all-in-one mobile solution that will help you deal with complex processes.

To find out how we can help you, check out the Resco Field Service 2.0 official product page or book a free demo today.