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Speed up the mobile development by over 45% ! –  Based on the survey of 4,000+ MobileForms Toolkit customers.


Controls, components and libraries that will help you rapidly speed up the development process. Thousands of corporate mobile developers are using this product and their feedback is used to ensure its quality. MobileForms Toolkit is a must-have tool if you want to create user-friendly interface and manage various objects such as:

  • Grid, list, pick list, tree, chart, image, audio, data, keyboards
  • Button, toolbar, tabs, shortcuts, scrollbar, various input boxes
  • Month/week scheduling, date/time pickers, call history, GPS, maps and many more!


Start building your app

Over 80 controls will serve you

There are unlimited possibilities for what you can do with our Toolkit. You can find there a complete set of components for common usage as well as advanced components that allow you to display lists or grids of custom objects, chartscalendarsdate/time, colors or components that help you easily design every layout that you want.

All this allows you create a wonderful application for warehouse, medical care, transport service or any business and enterprise solution you need.





UIElements is a set of progressive components fully optimized for touch control. They provide new visualization capabilities, smoother scrolling and animations, and features like anti-aliased rounded corners, border thickness, padding, gradient and transparency support.



Toolkit includes UICharts components for displaying data as charts. You can find there a number of various supported chart types, from commonly known ones such as pie chart, bar chart or line chart to specific ones such as Financial Chart or Multi-Doughnut Chart.


Advanced Components

Resco controls include advanced components for displaying and editing custom data stored in a list or table. It is possible to use a custom template for  a row or cell where the data is displayed.

Advanced components

Other Controls

Resco controls set provide components for various usage. They are made to replace standard Windows controls in case you need more options to set. You can find there a lot of properties and methods that may have been lacking during your UI design and development.


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Image Library

View sample icons

Set of icons, images, backgrounds optimized for mobile applications. This new set is available for all Resco customers with active licenses for free!


Barcode scanner interface

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Universal interface created by Resco classes that can access barcode scanners of various devices (Motorola Enterprise, Intermec, Psion).


Zebra printing interface

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This interface will help you to quickly set up the printing on Zebra printers over WiFi or Bluetooth. Zebras are with over 50% of market share the most popular industrial printers.



Why to choose this product

  • More than 4,000 corporate customers including over 50 Microsoft MVPs
  • Proven quality since 2003, the longest tradition in the market, continuous development and technical support is thus guaranteed!
  • The largest knowledge base – many samples and tutorials



More than 4,000+ corporate customers

  • HP
  • AA
  • DT
  • CC
  • nasa
  • pepsi
  • siemens


… and what they say

I have researched many out there and Resco has the most innovative set of tools for mobile development. Way ahead of anyone else out there.
                  – Reginald Henderson, Sales Engineer at Intermec Inc


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