Try Offline Mobile Sales and Field Service Solutions for Salesforce

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Is your company utilizing a Salesforce solution? Then you’re on the right track! Salesforce is the world’s #1 cloud-based CRM software.
However, to transfer your business by all means, you must consider integrating enterprise apps into business processes instantly. Having Salesforce data mobile, lets everyone run an entire business from a phone and/or tablet.
Resco Cloud is the perfect fit for sales reps, service technicians, and other workers, who require constant access to their Salesforce data.
With an easy-to-use configuration tool, it can be modified to meet any organization’s requirements and create a tailor-made user experience. The Resco Cloud encompasses not only the technological aspect but also the processes of running your business (Sales, Field Service, and Consumer Apps).  It also allows to simply integrate directly with Salesforce (without any middleware or third-party solutions) and combines CRM features and high-level security & auditing with the capabilities of mobile devices to create a perfect tool for everyday use on the go.
See how to run your business seamlessly, even beyond the workplace (want the eBook? check it out below):

True offline functionality

One of the crucial aspects that differentiates Resco Cloud from the competition, is its full-fledged offline mobile capability – after all, just because the Internet stops working, doesn’t mean you have to.
When synchronizing with the server, the app creates a strongly encrypted local database on the device.

Put simply, being able to work offline goes far beyond being able to scroll through the 15 most recently viewed contacts. True offline lets you create a quote, or even get a deal signed digitally with absolutely no Internet connectivity.

Picture yourself doing everything you are able to do with Salesforce, but this time, not chained to your desktop and are working with a mobile device in the middle of the Sahara. After some time, you’d like to update the data you’ve entered, so you visit the first gas station with WiFi available. By which, as soon as you connect to the WiFi network, you’ll see the app connecting directly to the server (database) to provide updated data access. If the Internet is not available, the app provides a full (read/write) access to the data stored on the local database during the last synchronization.
Now, is having ‘real offline‘, truly a good thing?
It sure is. Bear in mind, once you get yourself an offline mobile solution for sales & field service reps, make sure you are utilizing Device Security Management and limiting the use of specific processes to a specific set of authorized personnel. Security is of uttermost importance.

Device Security Management

Device Security Management is not a common part of mobile CRM solutions. Most applications do not have MDM or SDM (Mobile Device Management or Security Device Management) incorporated within the application itself, it’s usually externally based, by which it limits the processes that can be monitored, controlled by users. The Resco Mobile app comes in handy as the SDM/MDM is encompassed within the application. Thus, when you literally copy the entire company‘s database  and it is made available to all users, it can be limited not only based on the devices but also by the processes each person uses. Therefore, you only enable what you want each division or user to see/use. That is where Resco’s security is at an all-time high.
Imagine what could happen afterwards in terms of security?
Corporate data about customers, contacts, orders, invoices, etc., is one of the main assets of every company. Mobile – and mainly offline access to corporate data brings new risks companies have to deal with. A device (with the company’s data) can get easily lost or stolen. So a company must have a tool to protect it from unauthorized usage.

The Resco Mobile app with integrated Device Security Management protects companies from losing the company data.

You can learn how to secure your data in detail here.

Mobile Audit – a tool to increase productivity of sales reps & field technicians on the go

Why & how will audit that is built-in your mobile app actually increase the productivity of mobile workers? Well, user adoption is still the biggest show-stopper when it comes to effective usage of enterprise mobile solutions. There is still a huge percentage of companies that have purchased a cloud solution for its field workers, but have not managed to incorporate its usage among all their employees.

The only tool that helps managers understand better how their field workers use the mobile app is by Mobile Audit. And if the results are bad, they can easily identify a way to make improvements.

Note: that audit can analyse not only whether or not the mobile app is used, but also when, by who, how exactly, and where it is used. Thanks to the GPS coordinates, we can simply examine where any activity tool place – whereby, this is something a standard (desktop) CRM solution can’t perform.
Read our blog to get a clear understanding on mobile audit.

Managing the entire sales process on-the-go

Put into more practical terms: From adding a lead, through creating new quotes, to confirming an order with a digital signature and generating a PDF report – The Resco Mobile app allows users to work with Salesforce data every step of their way, regardless the Internet connection.
Incorporate mobile technologies like phone modules, route planning, camera, and push notifications that enable you to break free from a desk and go where your clients are, while staying productive.

Field Service made easy thanks to mobility

There are many other possibilities for mobile enterprise deployments outside of a sales process, one of the most-popular being, field service.
Resco Cloud integrated with Salesforce brings you the offline mobility with:

  • bulletproof offline capabilities
  • maps & GPS navigation
  • calendars
  • and the multi-platform configuration tool

These are just a couple of the perks that help service technicians manage their daily activities and effectively handle both planned and any last minute jobs.

Stay productive on-the-go – starting now!

Leveraging mobile technology, Resco Cloud enables you to create value even at a time which would otherwise remain unused – such as travelling or waiting for appointments. Don’t limit your time, because as we all know – time is money. Work effectively and in turn, productively.
Interested about what else can you do with the Resco Mobile app for Salesforce? Then download our eBook and discover 80+ amazing things you can do with Salesforce on your phone and tablet.
Want more proof? See how easy it is to work with Resco’s Mobile app and check out the video below.