Resco Inspections: Shape your inspection process every step of the way

Whether it’s staff surveying customers in-store, technicians going through checks of complex machinery, or insurance agents assessing the damage after a hurricane – inspections come into play in countless scenarios.
However, there’s lot more to it than just someone with a notepad filling out checkboxes. To set up a successful inspection process you first need to create relevant questionnaires. Once those are ready, supervisors need to assign them to available staff, including all related information (date, time, location, etc.). The team in the field then needs a reliable tool to receive the information, complete the questionnaires, and send back the results. Which all have to be evaluated afterwards.
And that’s why we’ve created Resco Inspections – complete with a Designer, Scheduler, Inspector and Analyst application, you can now effectively handle the entire process of creating, assigning, completing and evaluating field inspections.


The cornerstone of Resco Inspections is the brand new Designer. This web-based tool enables users to create questionnaires and surveys in a streamlined, data-driven UI. It utilizes a per-record architecture (not per-entity), so users don’t need to work with metadata when building questionnaire forms – no need to have system admin access privileges and mess around with potentially risky data schema changes.
Instead, any skilled user can design one-of-a-kind questionnaires and select the best from the wide variety of available question types: Inspectors can be asked to fill out checkboxes, select picklists, scan barcodes, take and edit photos, and much more.
To set up a custom business logic for your questionnaires, you can utilize the designer’s configuration rules. And if you need to set up a logic that goes beyond what’s available via rules, you can do so by programming it in JavaScript. Once the questionnaire is set up, it will be instantly available for managers to distribute it to their field teams.


Team leaders, managers, or supervisors will manage their staff in the field through the Scheduler. There they can see all available questionnaires and information about the tasks, location, and schedule (dates & times) for each team member.
The Scheduler is a fully interactive web-based application and allows you to assign the created questionnaires and plan work for your field team. It also notifies you of exceptional events (delays, cancelled inspections, etc.) and enables you to see how your staff have progressed throughout the day. And based on the latest developments, it can show you an estimate for the near future as well – e.g. if anyone will be finishing sooner than originally expected, you can task him/her with an additional inspection to help the team.


The Inspector is a web and native mobile app for the teams in the field – so it doesn’t matter if they prefer working with smartphones, tablets or laptops.
The inspectors receive work from their supervisors via the application. With the built-in calendar and route viewer they’ll always know when and where to go. Arriving on site, they will use the app to check in/check out when they start or finish the assigned tasks. Most importantly, they’ll use the Inspector app to run, complete and send back the questionnaires. Fully functional even offline, so no rural area or underground parking lot will stand in your team’s way.


With the inspections done and dusted, you can see the completed inspection forms and evaluate the results in this web-based application. Whether you want to go through the questionnaire answers one-by-one, or need a report with all the essential stats, Analyst will provide you with the tools to discover the answers you’re looking for.

Integrate with your system

Resco Inspections is a standalone cloud-based product. However it’ll also be possible to natively integrate the solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and Salesforce. Additionally, we plan to provide the API for integration with other 3rd party business systems as well.


The solution is already available as a technology preview, with the official release currently scheduled for the end of Q1 2018:


To provide flexibility for any type of organization, Resco Inspections will come with two licensing options. The super-user license will provide access to all parts of the solution for users who manage the inspection process. But for the field staff who only need access to the Inspector app, the standard license will be more than sufficient:

Learn more and ask for a preview

Interested? You can already ask us for a technology preview (demo) and see Resco Inspections in action.
And in the meantime keep an eye on the Resco website and blog, where we will be revealing further details soon.

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