How to build apps on Force.com effortlessly (while saving money)

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Surely, you are familiar with Salesforce. Who isn’t! But, have you ever come across Force.com with all that’s in it for you?

Salesforce.com vs Force.com

crm salesforce login Salesforce.com – a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product
If you want to take your CRM system, in this case Salesforce, off your PC and into the cloud, then this is a way to go. Once you purchase Salesforce.com licenses, you get an out-of-the box solution for core CRM domains such as Sales, Service, Marketing, etc... Once you have it, you can start running your business processes immediately. However, what if what your organization (or large part of it) does, is not exactly CRM?
Force. com is a PaaS (Platform-as-a- Service) product  crm salesforce login
Force.com enables your organization to build exactly the kind of system they want to use, running on top of one of the world’s most trusted cloud platforms. With Force.com licenses, you get the platform to instantly create and deploy the app for your specific business problem.
Plus, the platform brings the advantage of strong cloud ecosystem and the possibility to integrate data from external sources!

Streamline mobile workflows – using Force.com

One of the business issues companies tend to experience is low effectivity of out-of-office processes. So, how do you find a solution that would boost the mobile sales and field service processes?
Think about a mobile app that:

  1. Ties neatly into your Salesforce ecosystem
  2. Allows employees to enter real-time data in the field

If your company is ready to go mobile with Salesforce data and build customized apps on Force.com, there is no need to purchase a Salesforce.com license.
If you get Force.com licenses, you get to save all your data, AI and pretty much all the robustness of the platform. You can sign in to force.com just like to Salesforce CRM, but there is only basic functionality available.
How to create a solution addressing your problems then? Especially if you are not a hard-boiled programmer, but rather a tech savvy businessperson with a clear vision? Let us give you a hand!
You can create a mobile app on force.com with the use of Resco Mobile CRM! Then simply package it up ready to download! With zero coding!

How to build a mobile app on Force.com using Resco Mobile CRM

If you need your own solution with focus on mobility, to avoid all the development and programming, you can easily use Resco and create business app much quicker.
Why not to compliment your backend (Force.com) with a nice frontend (Resco Mobile CRM) working instantly on all major mobile platforms?

Connect your customers, employees, and partners with custom apps

 “Resco Mobile CRM has been one of my top tools to create a custom app for clients. Enabling consultants to bring the customizations they did in the CRM organization, to the customers app.” – Koen Van De Vyver, ESC bvba

What does Resco’s mobility entail? We believe that the biggest added value of mobile apps built with Resco are its powerful offline features. True offline that goes far beyond being able to scroll down the recently viewed objects.
Secondly, you get to easily configure Resco to use any of the productivity features to accelerate your business processes! Note that most of these are not part of standard Salesforce mobile solution.
Here is the list of features Resco supports natively on all major mobile platforms:
crm salesforce login
*Note how extremely time and money consuming it would be to get all those features working together, if you decided to build a mobile app on force.com from scratch or stitch together from existing solutions.

And here are some examples of how custom apps could look like

crm salesforce login
The simplest answer why building on Force.com with Resco is the most efficient option? You will save costs on licenses and your programmers’ time. And everyone will be happy. That’s why.
Learn all about your options to streamline your business with mobility and drop us a line at mobilecrm@resco.net.