4 ways to improve inspection processes with Resco Inspections

Not so long ago, when leaving the house in the morning you really only had two things you couldn’t forget – your keys and your wallet or purse. Today, a smartphone and often another mobile device, such as a tablet, has become an essential item as well.
The key advantage of this shift for businesses is that it’s easier than ever to have a truly mobile workforce. However, you still need to provide your people with the right tools for the job.
With Resco Inspections you can empower your entire team. From mobile workers to managers, everyone can help deliver exceptional service to your clients – whether in the office or on the go.
1. Boost efficiency
A constrained information flow due to disconnected back office systems slows your service team down. Resco Inspections helps your entire workforce to deliver faster, smarter service on one platform, and improve efficiency with real-time progress monitoring and scheduling capabilities. For example, managers in the office can monitor the progress of the inspection with a live map view and instantly receive updates regarding any issues, allowing them to deal with problems as they arise.
2. Automate inspection assignment
Late or missed appointments alienate customers and drive them away. And waiting to be served is probably an all too familiar situation pretty much to anyone. To streamline the inspection scheduling process, Resco’ Inspections now incorporates automated dynamic assignment of tasks. It helps you intelligently coordinate even large number of inspections. Customizable business logic enables to automatically assign the job to the most suitable inspector – based on skills, time, or location.
3. Provide the right tool for work on the go
More companies than ever are conducting business via mobile devices. Resco Inspections allows employees, who interact directly with clients, to complete the inspection on virtually any mobile device – be it a phone or tablet; running iOS, Android, or Windows. The inspectors receive work from their supervisors via the mobile app and can also easily get in touch with the office via chat or e-mail integration. With the built-in calendar and route viewer they always know when and where to go. So after arriving on site, they can run, complete and send back the inspection questionnaires with just a few simple taps. Fully functional even offline, so no rural area or underground parking lot will stand in your team’s way.
4. Manage complex checks and assets
When your inspection consists of tens or even hundreds of incremental steps, keeping track of spare parts, line items, serial numbers, and other essential data can be difficult. Both in the office and on the go. Resco Inspections will guide users through the process and help you keep an eye on of all the assets related to your Inspection process. Imagine an extensive inspection of a complex machine or piece of equipment, e.g. checking on a turbine engine of a jumbo jet. The inspector can simply identify parts for repair by scanning their serial number with the app on his/her phone. And when staff in the office analyze the results afterwards, they can see which items are most required and make sure there’s always enough supplies available.
Curious? You can find more about Resco Inspections here, or ask us at mobilecrm@resco.net.

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