A powerful file management utility for your Palm handheld. It implements complete file manipulation tools, selected launcher features, zipper, image viewer and a lot of other tools. You get in one package a handset of tools that used to be scattered in various applications.


Key Features

  • Complete file management
  • Secure storage of sensitive documents
  • Document launching - automatic opening of the tapped document
  • Access to Palm OS internals, RAM analyzer
  • All kinds of network connectivity - LAN, FTP, Bluetooth
  • Browsing of Nokia phones and other devices over Bluetooth
  • Front-end tool for VPN clients
  • Free FTP account
  • Http downloder
  • Text file editor
  • Streaming mp3 player

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  • GUI


    One of the best features of the Explorer is its customizability. The user may choose between one- or two-panel modes, horizontal or vertical layout and setup other display aspects. Explorer 2009 supports also tabs and touch scrolling. Note also the possibility of one-handed control and the support of all common devices and resolutions.

  • File Manager

    File Manager

    The File Manager is the heart of the Explorer. It is stable and efficient and it provides a comfortable way for file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, etc. It offers many enhanced functions such as drag&drop, copy&paste, multi-selection, RAM/card conversions, powerful sorting, searching and filtering. Explorer has powerful search/filter functions. Example: You can search for all .xls files and feed them into a temporary virtual folder, where you can go on with your investigation.

  • Launcher


    You can start the applications stored in RAM, on the card or even in the zip archives. You have immediate access (context menu > Explore) to the application resources - databases and card files. Document launching: If you tap a file it gets opened in the associated application. An editor of the file associations is available, too. The launcher screen can show up to 42 apps on one Treo screen!

  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Control Panel integrates more enhanced features such as editors of preferences, file associations or alarms as well as additional system information. Network panel offers tools that might help you to resolve problems with the Internet connection - ping and tracert. You can also use it to synchronize your device time with World Time Servers.

  • Backup


    People often think of backup when it is too late... Explorer backup offers similar functionality to the competing packages, but it does so very fast and needs less card space. And one more thing - the backup verification (since v2.42) makes it possible to reliably test the backup results. You can decide whether to trust the backup set without complicated testing.

  • Zipper, encryption

    Zipper, encryption

    Zipping saves space and optionally provides encryption. You can use weak (zip-based) or strong (AES) encryption. You can exchange zipped files with desktop. (Compatible zippers: WinZip, 7Zip, PowerArchiver...) Zipper is transparently integrated into the Explorer. You can perceive a zip archive as another folder and manipulate its contents, view compressed images, launch compressed applications etc. Explorer 2009 supports also tar/bzip2 archives - however, only for extraction.

  • FTP


    Explorer offers several network-related functions. You can define one or more FTP connections that are accessible just like another card. The figure demonstrates that: You see the Resco FTP server with all its files and folders. You can browse the site, view, copy, delete - simply do (nearly) the same things as if the files resided on your PDA. If you don't know any FTP server yet, Explorer allows you to create a free account at the DHQ hosting service.

  • LAN/VPN Networks

    LAN/VPN Networks

    Explorer networking attaches your PDA to the computer and LAN you are connected to. Any public drive in this LAN can be mounted similarly to a Palm expansion card. You must login as a user of this computer and then can perform all operations this user is allowed to do. As an example - you can preview remote images or listen to remote mp3's. There are various ways how to realize the connection, easier (WiFi) or more difficult (BT, cable, VPN), but the final result will please you.

  • Bluetooth browser

    Bluetooth browser

    You can use Bluetooth to connect to most Nokia phones, desktop computers (with BT adapter) and many other devices. You can even let the other device to access your Palm OS PDA - provided the device has a BT browser. Once connected you can do similar things as if you were on your local card, for example listen to remote music.

  • Built-in Image Viewer

    Built-in Image Viewer

    A simple fast viewer providing full-screen image preview. Displays jpg/bmp/gif images and images produced by Clie and Zire cameras. Enables direct image preview from the zip archives. Alternatively the external viewers can be employed.

  • RAM analyzer

    RAM analyzer

    You know it for sure: Cleaning old unneeded stuff that remained from the past and just occupies precious space, is close to impossible. It's here when the (optional) folder view of the RAM comes to help. Explorer sorts hundreds of the RAM files into logical folders grouped by the application or purpose and identifies unknown pieces. It's much more than simple sorting by CreatorID's - simply a perfect tool for the RAM analysis.

  • Hex Viewer

    Hex Viewer

    Enables preview of the selected file in different modes: image, hex, text, database. Database mode also allows delete of individual records. An interesting feature is the the preview of image resources. Text mode offers full editing capabilities.

  • Working with txt files

    Working with txt files

    Txt files offer the easiest way to share the information with the non-Palm world. Text files can be beamed, hotsynced, created and finally edited either with the built-in memopad or using the hex editor. Explorer 2009 supports txt files of any size!

  • Folder synchronization

    Folder synchronization

    You can synchronize for example a card folder with a folder on your PC - provided you have a working LAN connection, of course. The form shows which files reside on one side only (blue and green items), which ones differ (red) etc. It also gives you all needed tools - copying from one side to another and the deletion. The push buttons in the upper part serve as a filter. In the example on the left equal files are omitted. (There are no "newer" files because a compare by content was done - hence the arrows are grayed.)

  • And more...

    And more...

    Accept any beamed file that would be otherwise refused by Palm OS Check your card for FAT errors Download web files (http) Check for any Resco updates Verify integrity of your preferences Other advanced features - flushing the DbCache, listing notifications etc.


« With Resco Explorer and Blue FTP I have a simple solution for moving files and folders between my laptop and pda phone. And I use Whizoo BtToggle to automatically turn BT on when Blue FTP is launched and turn BT off when I exit Blue FTP. »

User Review

« I already made up my mind on Explorer about a year ago, and purchased it after trialing it for only a few days ... it is one of my most favorite applications, and I'd be lost without it. »

User Review

« Resco Explorer je kvalitni aplikace, ktera by podle meho nazoru mela najit misto v kazdem palmu, nejlepe jako bundlovany software. »

« One of the features I like best about Explorer is the compression tool. Not only does it allow you to unzip files you've downloaded or stored on your expansion card, but it allows you to use zipped folder as though they were regular (uncompressed!) folders. »


More reviews...

« ...mohu vam RescoExplorer jedine doporucit. Zastane praci nekolika samostatnych programu. Venujte mu cas a alespon ho vyzkousejte. Treba dopadnete jako ja. V mem palmiku uz ma naprosto nezastupitelne misto. »

« A veritable Swiss army knife of file management functionality, Resco Explorer is a must-have app for advanced Palm users who like to get under the hood of their handhelds and take command of their files »

digital lifestyles

« Operation is stable and mercifully crash free on Palm OS ... Resco Explorer 2008 is designed for heavy duty PDA and smartphone users. Recommended. »

« Resco Explorer should be installed on every Palm. Almost everyone who does a little bit more with his Palm than viewing contacts and notes will need a file manager or preferences editor sometime. »


« Der Dateimanager ist sowohl von den Features als auch von der Bedienung und Übersichtlichkeit der beste den ich bisher benutzt habe. Das ganze Programm ist intuitiv zu Bedienen, optisch ansprechend und wirkt trotz der vielen Funktionen nicht überladen »


Version: 5.03.3

Released: Sep 16, 2009

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