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Online training 3: Sync optimization for Inspections

Expand your knowledge and learn everything you need to know about synchronization in our three-part training.

  • How the sync filter for Inspections works (questionnaire, question group, question)
  • Record-based storage and sync performance
  • Template dependency and sync performance

The final training focuses on sync optimization for Inspections. You will learn more about JSON for Inspections and how it helps you save storage space

Find out more about:
  • How versioning, template dependency and New JSON improve:
    • Sync times
    • Device storage
    • Server storage
  • Tips on how to configure JSON based on scenario
  • JSON converter for older inspections

Watch Online training 3: Sync optimization for Inspections today to learn how to make the most of Resco Inspections.



  • DURATION: 60 min
  • SPEAKER: Timotej Lesko, Product Support Team Lead, Resco
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