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Privacy Policy

Resco Mobile CRM Privacy Policy

Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile client optimized for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Salesforce and Resco Cloud. It works in both, online and offline modes and allows you to access, edit, create, and sync data from the corresponding CRM system.

Resco Mobile CRM uses the LocationService for the “Map” feature in order to display Accounts, Contacts or any other records with GPS coordinates near your position. The current device position as provided by the LocationService is used strictly in connection with the CRM server’s data. It does not store or send the data to any other service than the corresponding CRM system. To disable the use of LocationService, simply go to “Setup” and turn off the “Map” feature.

Information Resco Collects and Stores

Resco Mobile CRM does not collect any personal information, nor does it send any personal data to any external service.

Use of Your Information

The CRM server URL and your credentials are stored locally and are strictly used in order to establish the connection during the synchronization process and online mode. To disable saving the password, turn off the option “Save Password” in the “Synchronization” window.

Security of Data

App is network-capable and allows the connection to the CRM server via Web Services.
All local CRM data is encrypted based on an application key. The application key is created (randomly generated) when the database is created and protected by the user password.

How We Use Google Data

Resco Mobile CRM supports integration with the following Google services: Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Maps. All the data is stored locally on the device so the user is able to access and manage files, emails, contacts, appointments or visualize selected records on the map.
No data is being sent to any external service. The only exception are the emails and contacts that can be tracked by the user in the corresponding CRM system (Dynamics 365/CRM, Salesforce, Resco Cloud). Tracked emails and contacts are then available for other users with appropriate privileges.

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