Random smartwatch facts – resco.next insights [INFOGRAPHIC]

I am still buzzing from resco.next in Rome, not only from the great Italian food and amazing location but all the inspiring conversations and the chance to be a part of shaping the future of Resco.  
I was proud to present one of our newest innovations, the Industry Watch initiative – where a watch that can be used by employers to gather employee insights and a revolution that could genuinely change the world. Pretty cool heh? 
While I was there, I told all the attendees that we would be gathering data from their newly gifted smartwatches (nothing is for free 😉). With just the very start of a product, we got some great information. For example, the biggest caffeine addict who drank 40 cups of coffee in 2 days, and we now know that it had no relation to the one who walked the most – 8783 steps over the 2 days. I am also happy to say that we recorded 62 new business relationships over both days amongst all 81 watch users. 

The most interesting statistic for me was – “the most stressful session”. I am nothing less than proud of the fact that my session announcing Industry Watch was the most stressful with an average stress level of 52.5! Now let’s compare this to the 33.36 stress level of the least stressful, that is quite an achievement.  
Well, until NEXT year, I need to find other ways to stress people out 🙂. If you want to know more about Resco or about the Industry Watch initiative, don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

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