Find your Contacts on LinkedIn (with a little help from iFrames)

Hands up if you are using iFrames that pass entity fields as parameters in your Mobile CRM?
My guess is, not many hands are raised right now. And that’s probably because:

A: you’re not using them
B: you’d feel really awkward holding your hand up in front of your screen

I’ll admit it. I wasn’t using them either. Until now.
Resco Mobile CRM supports iFrames (in case you didn’t know). And these can pass entity fields as parameters. In case you’re already lost, don’t worry, I’ll explain.
Once you get over this technical mambo-jumbo, you’ll see that mobile CRM iFrames can actually do pretty cool things. Basically they can do a search based on fields from your CRM.

Look up your contacts on LinkedIn

This LinkedIn iFrame takes 3 fields from my contacts: First Name, Last Name & the Company Name.
Note: I used only the full name at first, but adding the company proved to be beneficial in narrowing down the search.
LinkedIn iFrame in Mobile CRM

In case you want to try it out, here’s how to get this done:

Open Woodford’s mobile project > go to a chosen entity > select a form > click on Add IFrame button > Name the tab > type in the URL
LinkedIn iframe Woodford
This is the one I have used—the curly brackets {} contain the parameters (names of the fields):{firstname}+{lastname}+{parentcustomerid}
Delay Load: If checked, the website starts loading only after you click on the iFrame tab. If not checked, the website loads right after you open a form (so in my case, right after I’d click on a contact).
BTW: this feature applies to Facebook, Google, Wikipedia,…you name it. You can google a potential customer’s website before you contact them. You are probably already doing this the hard way: manually.
Or you can look up a lead’s address on a map in case you don’t have the GPS coordinates. Just use the info you have at hand (street, city and country for instance) and look them up on a Google Maps.
Here’s an example URL for this:{address1_line1}+{address1_city}+{address1_country}

Got other ideas for using online iFrames that pass entity fields as parameters? Let me know in the comments below–I would love to try them out!
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