The Tenant Move-in & Out checklist [Free and ready-to-use template]

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If you are a home inspection professional, landlord, or property manager, you know that proper facility inspections are necessary for a smooth rental, property sale, or law compliance. It provides verified data for all participants of the contract and ensures all parties are aware of the pre-rental or pre-sale condition of the property.

In this blog, you can learn about how to download, customize, and start utilizing the ready-to-use move-in move-out form in Resco Inspections. By making the whole process digital, on-site professionals can complete inspections quicker, managers get real-time field information, and customers can immediately view standardized reports, helping them to resolve possible future disputes.

What is the Tenant Move-in & Out checklist?

Move-in & out inspection checklist helps in the process of verifying and assessing property condition. The process is usually performed before tenant move-in/move-out, property sale, or reconstruction activities.
The checklist is typically divided into a few sections covering different parts of the property. By filling out the form, an auditor or other authorized person gathers data that helps to describe the condition of the facility and identifies actual or potential issues, damages, or hazards.
Home Appraiser or Home Inspector using digital tablet in furnace room
Form questions address various areas of the property, including the building structure, wiring, plumbing, roof, appliances, or windows. Move-in and move-out inspection checklist can also include various individually tailored questions to target specifics of the contract.
After an inspection, a mobile report verified by all parties can serve as a basis for solving possible disputes regarding the condition of the property or as a guide for necessary repairs.

Who should use the Tenant Move-in & Out questionnaire?

The checklist is mostly beneficial for home agents, inspectors, landlords, or homeowners. It is recommended for businesses in property maintenance to standardize and digitize reports. With a digital solution, professionals can cut down report delivery, decrease human error, and save administration time.

How to start using the Tenant Move-in & Out template in Resco Inspections?

If you already have an active Resco Inspections license, navigate to the Inspections app (Android, iOS, Web) –> Templates -> Tenant Move-in & Out Checklist and you can start to use it immediately. For users that don’t have Resco Inspections yet, start a 30-day trial allowing to try the app and questionnaire for free.
Move-in & Move-out Checklist in Resco Inspections
In Resco Inspections, you can also find other predefined and ready-to-use questionnaires for Property maintenance – Asbestos Safety Checklist and Property Inspection. Templates for OSH risk and Preventive Equipment Maintenance are also available and free to use.
Resco Inspections can be also directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, to directly utilize key business data with your questionnaire forms.

How to customize Resco’s Move-in & Out template?

Customization adds a lot of flexibility and opportunities to fit questionnaires to your specific requirements. Users of Resco Inspections can easily adjust the questionnaire within the Questionnaire Designer and also utilize it for other scenarios.
To access customization options, open the Questionnaire Designer from the main Resco Inspections console. Afterward, enter the Property maintenance folder and click on the Move-in & Out Checklist. From there, users can customize the template without any limits. You can learn more about template customization on Resco Wiki.

A detailed look at the Move-in & Out questionnaire

The first set of questions: Inspection and property details

The first part of the questionnaire identifies details about the inspection – if it is a move-in or move-out, who is the inspector, landlord, and tenant. Users can choose from the listed options and also use predefined values. For example, a date is automatically set to the actual day but it can be also adjusted if needed.


The second set of questions: Details about individual areas/rooms of the property

As it is important to properly inspect every room, the Resco template allows to add various details to the report. Users can submit answers regarding specific aspects of a particular room. For example, in the kitchen, it is possible to evaluate the condition of the floor, drawers, or sink individually.

Move-in/Move-out Checklist in Resco Inspections
In this section, the Move-in & Out form uses smart questions to highlight the state of the part accordingly to the answer. If windows need to be repaired, the answer will be highlighted in red, so the user sees the issue in the report immediately. Additional comments help to provide more details or add problems not specified in the previous questions.

The third set of questions: Visual inspection

With Resco Inspections, users can add photos and images to the questionnaires, so the information can be also delivered visually. Later, landlords and tenants can check the initial state of the property on the images, which can unveil the unreported details.
Move in Move out checklist in resco inspections - visual inspection

The fourth set of questions: Recommended actions and signatures

Based on the results of the inspection, an auditor or other authorized person might need to suggest further action. For example, if some appliance needs to be replaced, a landlord can be obligated to change it (move-in inspection) or a tenant needs to provide a refund (move-out inspection).
Move-in & Move-out Checklist in Resco Inspections - signatures
When all parties agree on the result of the inspection, they add their signatures directly to the digital report, so there is no need to print it and is immediately available.


With Resco Inspections and ready-to-use Move-in Move-out Checklist, you can start property inspections instantly. The template can also serve as a foundation for further customization and personalization for your specific use case. When inspecting a property, also make sure that you comply with the applicable regulation, like is Fitness for Human Habitation act.
Try Resco Inspections for free or login to your Inspections organization and start using the Equipment Maintenace Checklist now.