Home office? These are your must-have apps! 

So, it looks like more and more companies are having to find ways to enable their staff to work from home. I have always been an advocate for home office, I believe it enables staff to be more productive, have a better work/life balance and it is good for the environment.  
Remote workers take longer breaks but they remain productive for an additional 10 minutes per day and work an extra 1.4 days a month compared with their office counterparts (Business News Daily, 2019)With the current situation, air pollution – which kills an estimated 7 million people a year (Forbes, 2020), has dropped drastically. Here you can see interactive maps which show the difference 2019 vs 2020. 
There are many articles with tips and hints on setting up a home office or workspace but today I want to share with you some of the apps and websites I use to stay productive and sane during this time.  

Useful Work Apps 

1. Station – The ultimate all-in-one communication platform – Free 

This is my number 1 app that I am using today, I don’t know how I coped without it. Station organises a ton of your communication apps into one – WhatsApp, Slack, Outlook, Teams, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, OneNote, OneDrive and more. 

It is super simple to set up and is available free from https://getstation.com/ 

2. Spotify – Free/Paid 

So, yes, I get it, you know Spotify but did you know Spotify has a great selection of podcasts and stand up comedy? For example, there this playlist. 

In times like this, music is good for the soul and having a laugh is what we need sometimes. I know that most of us already have this but if you don’t check out the 1-month free trial. 

3. Resco 

Yes, I am going to use this opportunity to plug my beloved employer – Resco. I don’t know about you but the residential internet where I live is going crazy. Below is a screenshot from ‘PingPlotter Pro’ (Another great tool 😊). As you can see, during the daytime I have huge spots of downtime like many other people. This is just frustrating when I need to check an order or get a client’s email address. 

Thanks to Resco, I can access all my files and CRM data offline. It connects out of the box with Salesforce and MS Dynamics and the 30-day free trial is completely unrestricted. dale.kirkwood@resco.net or www.resco.net to get started. 

4. ChromaCam – Video calls on acid 

Messy apartment or just want to be somewhere else, ChromaCam is a green screen for your home. Display flying donuts, appear on a beach or even appear in your presentation no matter what conferencing platform you use, ChromaCam can brighten your day. 
Free Download from – https://www.chromacam.me/ 

5. Online Courses 

A great use of some of our free time we have (since we are so productive from the home office) is to learn new skills. These are just some of the sites I love listed below in a kind of subsection. 


After Work 

Let’s not forget how technology can help us after work as well. 

1. Caymax Home Workouts – Android Only

This is my favourite workout app – it is completely free and has a ton of workouts to choose from for any level. It even reminds you daily to work out and there are workouts where you need no equipment. Perfect. 

2. Steam

If you are a gamer, then you know Steam. If not, let me introduce you. Steam is full of awesome games. Everything from A-Rated mainstream titles to small 1-person indie developers. It is like an AppStore for your PC/Mac. You can even stream your games directly to a mobile device! 
So that is my concise but hopefully useful list of apps I am using right now. I hope we all leave this situation stronger & healthier and I also hope that employers around the world learn that remote working isn’t a bad thing, it is a great thing. 
Stay healthy! 
Dale Kirkwood 


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