3 Digital checklists to streamline your manufacturing processes

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Manufacturing is no easy job. As anyone in the field could tell you, ensuring you meet all your production requirements can be taxing for everyone involved.

So it goes without saying that a little help in meeting those goals can go a long way. To that end, we’re discussing three free digital tools to aid you with your manufacturing inspections and aid you in ramping up your production quality. 

The Pitfalls of Manufacturing Inspections 

Your manufacturing processes need to run like a well-oiled machine to be efficient (literally). But ensuring that requires endless inspections, check-ups, evaluations, etc. Not only is this incredibly time-consuming, but for the many companies which continue to use the pen-and-paper approach, it can be a true administrative nightmare.  

The paper cost is one thing. But consider for a moment how much time and effort it takes you or your employees to fill out the neverending stream of paperwork, archive it, and then find it again if the need ever arises. It’s enough to make your head spin! 

Luckily, there are better solutions on offer. 

Dig Yourself Out of the Paperwork with Digital 

As the youth on the internet says, modern problems require modern solutions. After all, what isn’t there an app for nowadays? Meaning that, yes, now you can dig yourself out of all the paperwork with a digital manufacturing inspection app. What are the benefits of going digital? 

Let’s have a look at a few examples: 

  • Streamlined Inspections: Apps and digital work-order checklists simplify the inspections by giving inspectors a clear step-by-step process to follow  
  • Higher Efficiency: Streamlined inspections, minimized writing time, and the app’s incorporation into your CRM allows for more checks to be carried out faster 
  • Increase in Production: Higher efficiency of the inspection process allows for faster troubleshooting, and more time the machines can stay running 

Those are only a few of the improvements digital tools can offer your manufacturing. But let’s stop being vague and look at a few specific apps and checklists you can incorporate.  

1) Work Order Checklists 

Work orders play a crucial role in keeping your manufacturing organized and efficient. After all, you can’t allow employees to just run havoc without knowing who did what and why. 

A digital work order checklist cuts straight to the chase – it’s easy to fill out, review, and verify. It also automatically communicates with your in-house CRM, so you’re able to browse all inspections and maintenance done on a piece of equipment from the comfort of your computer, without needing to wade through waves of paper.  

illustration of checklist

Free Work Order Checklist

Download a free Work Order Checklist template to describe individual steps of a task and outline the processes necessary for completing the work.

2) Product Checklists 

As everyone in manufacturing, your primary concern is the quality of the final products. Even the smallest of imperfections can mean a loss of profit, so finding production mistakes and preventing them in the future is crucial. That’s where product checklists come into play.  

Ass all Resco checklists, they are completely modular in nature, so that you’re able to customize them to your products’ specificities. They’re straightforward to fill out and browse-friendly, enabling you to quickly pinpoint issues and look for their causes in the manufacturing process.  

illustration of checklist

Free Product Checklist

Download a free Product Checklist template to collect data about individual products and easier management of the product database.

Simplify your product assessments with Resco’s product checklists for free here

3) Non-conformance Reports 

In what could be seen as an extension of product checklists, non-conformance reports tackle production defects and quality system violations head-on, instead of just acknowledging them.  

Using non-conformance reports has a long list of benefits, but some of the most important are their focus on prevention, streamlined compliance, the reduced cost of quality, and finally, a reduction in regulatory and product risk.  

illustration of checklist

Free Non-conformance report

Download a free Non-Conformance Report template to streamline quality audits and resolve quality standard disputes over performed work.


Discover manufacturing defects and prevent any further mistakes with Resco’s non-conformance reports for free here

About Our Digital Solutions 

Resco takes pride in providing you with the digital, paper-free solutions you need and want to improve your administrative processes. We believe the three tools described in this article should meet all your manufacturing needs. But, should you be in the market for more apps, checklists, and other helpful digital tools, visit Resco’s Digital Template Library