Mobile CRM with the support of HTLM5

The Mobile CRM solution comes now with a real HTML5 support. HTML5 brings great visual effects and easy development with web developer techniques such as JavaScript. 

Currently there are two approaches to HTML5 support for Resco Mobile CRM solution:

HTML5 extensions of the native Mobile CRM app

HTML5 provides a new way how to extend the user interface and functionality of Resco Mobile CRM native app (developed in C#). It’s possible thanks to the Resco JavaScript Bridge, which provides read/write access to the local CRM data from JavaScript.

The diagram shows the architecture of HTML5 extensions

The diagram shows the architecture of HTML5 extensions

The standard Mobile CRM app can be extended by embedded browser (iFrame), which can be run in full screen, or can be integrated with the application’s user interface. It can show, edit or update CRM data stored in the local database thanks to the JavaScript Bridge.

Resco Mobile CRM app extension built on HTML5 technology.

HTML5 hybrid app

Another alternative to HTML5 implementation is a hybrid mobile app, which consists of native Data and Sync layer and HTML5 user interface.

The diagram shows the architecture of HTML5 layer

The diagram shows the architecture of HTML5 layer

Currently, there is Technology Preview (TP) available for download on iOS platform to showcase the capabilities and performance of the future app. This version demonstrates on entities: Accounts and Contacts the HTML5 implementation.

A full hybrid version of the Mobile CRM solution shall be released in the second half of 2013. This version will differ from above mentioned version with HTML5 extensions mostly because it will support customizations done via Woodford. Therefore, it will be very easy to switch existing customized projects to the new app once it is up and running.

This second scenario significantly differs from the first one, since there is no C# development needed and all the user interface customizations can be done with Woodford or with web technologies.


HTML5 hybrid application

You can try the app right now!

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