Packed with nifty features

Access your Accounts, Leads or Opportunities… instantly

With Mobile CRM, you have the info you need with you at all times. Be prepared for every pitch, for every call or unexpected meeting. You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

The out-of-the box app contains a set of most used CRM entities; the professional version of the solution will grant you access to all standard and custom CRM entities and fields.

Get started right away

You don’t have to wait some weeks or months to be truly productive. Starting with Mobile CRM can be easy. All you need to do is download the app & sync it with your Dynamics CRM server. It’s a child's play.

No Internet access?
No big deal.

Just because Internet connection stops working, doesn’t mean you must too. Why depend on internet? Simply continue working in an offline mode as if nothing ever happened.

Work online with real-time data on your server, or offline with locally stored (and encrypted) database.

Add a personal touch

Create stunning presentations, design your own forms, add your icons or buttons, or access an offline website.

Offline HTML5 iFrame is a feature that enables you to store a zip file of a website in the app. This website is able to communicate with the CRM database of the app thanks to JavaScript Bridge.

Your business data
is carefully protected

Worried about the security of your data? We got you covered. Mobile Device Management will take control of what’s happening to your data at all times. Learn more

You are able to apply enterprise security measures and restrictions, set up user rights, lock the application, or even remotely wipe-out the data from it.

Where to go next?
The map shows you.

On your way to meeting a prospect? Or got some spare time and want to fill it with, let’s say, catching up with a customer closest to your location? With the help of an interactive map, you’ll always find your way.

You can display accounts, contacts, leads or other records as interactive pins on a map. Customize views, pins, or search options as you wish.



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