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Mobile CRM — FAQ

Answers frequently asked questions about the application, Woodford, or generally about Resco Mobile CRM.

Who is the product for?

Short answer — everyone who wants to work with CRM data on the go.

A bit longer answer — the solution is great for sales reps, field workers, service staff, managers, repairmen, account managers, etc. — basically all people who aren’t sitting at their desk their entire working time.

But employees in the office have not been forgotten! Resco CRM’s web interface allows them to work from a desktop or a laptop, while their mobile co-workers keep up with the latest information via their phones and tablets.

What back-end systems does Resco Mobile CRM connect to?

Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CX, Salesforce and can also serve as a standalone CRM solution. It provides direct connection to these systems, which means you can set it up easily.

Resco Mobile CRM can be also connected to other CRM or ERP systems. Our customers utilize web services and OData to connect their system with the Resco Mobile CRM client. For more information on integrations, go to Resco Mobile CRM for your back-end system.

What versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM does the solution support?

Resco Mobile CRM supports Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Both, online & on premise versions are supported.

Can I try Resco Mobile CRM?

You have the opportunity to test the solution for 30 days, free of charge. Simply start your free trial and you’ll get instructions on where to download the application and the configurator into your mailbox. The steps vary, depending on the type of back-end system you utilize, so it’s best you specify it as you fill out the form.

What devices/platforms does the app support?

Resco Mobile CRM supports following platforms:

  • iOS 6 +
  • Android Phone & Tablet 3 +
  • Windows Vista, 7, RT, 8.1 & 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile

Any device running on one of these operating systems will work.

For more information on what software and hardware requirements you need to consider before buying mobile devices for Resco Mobile CRM, read this article.

What is the difference between online and offline mode?

In an online mode, you are working with the real-time data on your server. During the course of this time, you need to have Internet connection and access to your server available.

In an offline mode, you are working with data that was stored in the local database of your device. So you can work also without a connection to server/Internet. You’ll need the connection only to synchronize the local database with the server. 

For a technical deep dive into online vs. offline mode, read this detailed description.

How often do you update the solution?

The major updates with new features are being released quarterly. Between the major updates, we release minor updates with minor features or fixes.

Can I customize the application?

Absolutely! Resco Mobile CRM is a fully customizable mobile client – you can select what types of records you want to see, change its functionality, add fields you want to work with, implement custom business logic, or alter the look of the application.

Start your free trial to see what is possible or get in touch with us to start the discussion.

Learn more

Synchronization Guide

Explains how to sync the app with Dynamics CRM in different ways (Online, Active Directory, Internet Facing)


Resco Mobile CRM App Quick User Guide

Quick guide with an overview of the main functions of the Resco Mobile CRM app.

Download PDF file

Resco Mobile CRM App User Guide

A visual step-by-step guide that shows how to use all the functions of Resco Mobile CRM application.

Download PDF file

Resco Cloud User Guide

Ultimate guide to a mobile & desktop solution.

Download PDF file

First-level Support of Resco Mobile CRM Quick Guide

Information about providing support related to Resco Mobile CRM application logs, to effectively assist users with common issues

Download PDF file

Resco Mobile CRM Security

Describes the security components implemented in the Mobile CRM solution.

Download PDF file

Guide for Enterprise Deployment on iOS

Guide describing the steps required for enterprise deployment on iOS. Needed for MDM deployment or custom branded app builds.

Download PDF file

Release Notes

Developer notes describing features and bug fixes for major and minor releases.

Download TXT file

Resco CRM Sync – How To Guide


Dynamics CRM JavaScript compatibility package

Contains the required JavaScript and HTML files as well as compatibility information document.

Download ZIP file

Woodford Quick Guide

Helps you to start making customizations for Resco Mobile CRM app.

Download PDF file

Woodford Guide

Explains how to install Woodford, create customizations and make them available on mobile devices.

View Download PDF file

Dynamics CRM Transition Guide (PDF)

This guide lists the steps that should be taken by existing Resco customers & partners during a Microsoft Dynamics CRM server upgrade.

Download PDF file

Woodford — Rules Guide

Form Rules describe sequences of steps that are executed on form related events OnLoad, OnSave, OnChange.

Downlaod PDF file

Mobile CRM — Icon package

A Pack of sample icons that can be immediately imported to Woodford to replace default ones in the app.

Download ZIP file

Javascript Bridge

Download the latest version of Resco JavaScript Bridge file to use in your projects.

Download Script Download Script (Old versions)

Javascript Bridge Reference

Description of the methods and objects defined in Resco JavaScript Bridge with useful examples.


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