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Webinar: Partner story: Guiding clients through digital transformation with Resco Inspections

According to Nemely, a successful CRM implementation must deliver increased productivity, efficiency and simplicity.
With that in mind, they’ve become the first Resco Inspections specialists in the Swedish market – delivering maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expenses, solutions that are easily understood and brought to life, and achieving significant results for their customers.

In this webinar, Founder, Owner and Senior Architect of Nemely, Stefan Christiansson, will talk about why they’ve chosen Resco as their mobility partner and how they utilize Resco features in one of their Inspections customer scenarios.

DATE: Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
TIME: 11:00 am CET
DURATION: 60 minutes
SPEAKER: Jakub Bajla (Business Development Dynamics Nordics) & Stefan Christiansson (Founder, Owner and Senior Architect of Nemely)
FEE: It’s free!

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