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Watch 2019 sessions

Soak up the atmosphere of 2019 and learn about the newest offerings, developments and achievements of Resco and its partners.

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Innovation delivered

The conference started with a kick-off presentation discussing Resco’s future vision, strategy, plans, and priorities. Resco CEO, Miro Pomsar, and his guests previewed all the major talking points of the two session-packed days – from innovative business mobility tech to new ways of supporting partner and customer growth.

Keep your products competitive by knowing about upcoming innovations

Discover the role that wearables, augmented reality, AI, and further tech developments will play in future Resco releases. During an exclusive sneak peek at our strategy and roadmap, attendees could explore the direction of Resco’s product lineup. But that’s not all. They also received feedback on the most requested features throughout the conference directly from Resco’s Head of Product, Juraj Mojik.

5 ways to kick-start your mobility practice

In this partner session, we’ll go through all stages of teaming up with Resco. Find out about new resources that can help to grow your mobility practice, partner program benefits, how to get more marketing exposure via our channels, and ways to bring extra value to your customers with Resco-based solutions.