Salesforce FAQ



What is Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforce?

Resco makes it easy to access and work with your Salesforce data offline with no limitations. It’s an all-in-one solution that enables you to manage all your data on-the-go. 100% secure solution with all the mobile-native features is perfect for sales and field service scenarios. It offers interactive maps, support of custom objects, offline reports & many other capabilities. The app supports iOS, Android, and the Windows platform on phones, tablets and PCs. To learn more about Resco for Salesforce on AppExchange, click here.

What is there to know about Resco as a company?

Resco is as old as Salesforce. Being on the market for almost 19 years, Resco has become a trusted and popular partner & business solution provider to many companies worldwide (currently serving 2000+ corporate customers & working with 600+ partners). We are one of the leading pioneers when it comes to mobile CRM technology (and the #1 mobile CRM app for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM). Resco started to focus on the integration with Salesforce in the second half of 2016 and is now its ISV partner.

Is Resco a Salesforce-native app?

No, Resco is not built on Salesforce ( platform). It is s a native mobile app connecting to Salesforce via its API. As any other popular 3rd party apps that integrate with Salesforce (and can be found on the AppExchange store) – Resco is very easy to implement and use. On top of that, with the Resco app, you won’t need to integrate any other 3rd party app, since you will have an all-under-one-roof business tool with hundreds of capabilities.

Is our Salesforce data secure in Resco (and outside of Salesforce)?

Yes, indeed. Resco guarantees 100% security, safety, and protection when it comes to your data. Just like other Salesforce partners who have thousands of Salesforce integrations, Resco has had zero issues with client data. Data security is super high on the list of Resco’s priorities and integrated MAM (Mobile Application Management) is one of Resco’s top benefits. App admins can apply various security rules, or remotely lock & wipe the entire app, and more.

What’s the easiest way to connect Resco to Salesforce? Do I need any programming skills to test Resco with my Salesforce organization?

No programming skills are required when setting out to work with the Resco app. There is ZERO DEPLOYMENT needed when starting off with the out-of-the-box version. You can simply, download the Resco Mobile CRM app in your appstore, sync with your Salesforce organization (production or sandbox), input your Salesforce credentials and you are ready to go! For a more detailed description, see our support website

Why to choose Resco in comparison to the other solutions out there?

  • True offline – user can not only access, but continuously work with real-time Salesforce data regardless of poor or no Internet connection. This means, there will never be a problem to fully utilize offline maps, mobile reports, knowledge-base articles, surveys & more.
  • Custom Objects & commands – user-friendly look ‘n feel, advanced no-code customizations (for example custom map pins) or personal branding. All these simple adjustments can enhance the user experience and user adoption in a few clicks.
  • All platforms, all devices – the Resco app is available on all platforms (iOS, Android & Windows) and for all kinds of businesses entailing favorite Salesforce + mobile-native features, such as route planning, mobile audit, rich multimedia management, and more.
  • Mobile Audit – incorporated in the Resco app, it helps managers better understand how their field workers utilize the mobile app. With this capability, you can analyze not only whether the mobile app is used, but also when, by whom, how exactly, and where it is used. Thanks to the GPS coordinates, we can simply examine where any activity took place – whereby, this is something a standard (desktop) CRM solution can’t perform.
  • Device Security – the Resco Mobile app with integrated Device Security Management protects companies from losing their confidential company data. Corporate data about customers, contacts, orders, invoices, etc., is one of the main assets of every company. Mobile – and mainly offline access to corporate data brings new risks companies deal with. A device (with the company’s data in it) can get easily lost or stolen. So, a company must have a tool to protect it from unauthorized usage.
  • Route Planning & many strong functions – As robust and powerful as Salesforce is, there are some things it can’t do right out-of-the-box. Resco is a business tool that entails hundreds of productivity features, including interactive maps, route planning, document management, multimedia support (with picture editing) and much more.
  • Why is OFFLINE important in the age of “connectivity everywhere”?

    This is a very common question. There are three good reasons why:

  • No connectivity – There are use cases when a Salesforce user performs his job on-the-go in areas with poor or no connectivity. Whether it is a developing country or simply a garage or an elevator. For such cases, it is necessary to be able to work offline for days/weeks – continuously.
  • Slow or unstable connectivity – Nobody likes being interrupted while working, being constantly worried about losing data resulting in unfinished tasks. A weak connection that causes slow performance is even worse than no connection. Even in developed countries, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good, there are areas with poor 3G and 4G support. Thus, having the ability to seamlessly work in offline mode protects users against interruptions, data loss and full job performance. Plus, it saves time and eliminates frustration.
  • Faster performance & better user experience – Many field workers prefer working offline to working online – even when there is a reliable connectivity available. Why? Because, they do not have to worry about the “slow Internet” and can work with many records and heavy data seamlessly.
  • Do I need to be a skilled programmer when customizing Resco?

    The Resco mobile experience can be tailored without any coding skills. You can make your Salesforce custom data available in Resco and present it the way it suits your business needs. The Resco mobile app comes hand-in-hand with the Woodford Configuration tool that lets you to create and utilize custom objects and enrich them with your favourite features, such as maps, charts, reports, the calendar & more. Woodford allows you to create new icons, modify the app behaviours to a high extent, design dashboards, and apply your own branding.

    Is the Resco license included in the price of the Salesforce license?

    No, it is not, Resco is a Salesforce iSV partner and has its own pricing system. However, it can be easily used with all the Salesforce licenses & editions (, community, standard, enterprise). Note, that Resco’s licencing differs from the one of Salesforce, as it offers additional functionality. Resco doesn’t work as a Salesforce mobile add-on, it enables users to view/add/edit Salesforce data on-the-go, even when being offline for DAYS. A user can work offline with the extra functionalities (excluding those available in Salesforce), such as picture capturing, email/document integration, signature taking, GPS/map/navigation, and more. 

    What Resco licences are available and how to decide which to purchase?

    Generally speaking, when your mobile users deal with standard Sales objects (or any other object under a CRM/Service license like a Lead, Opportunity, Quote, etc.), you need to purchase a Resco Enterprise license. If your users need only platform objects (e.g. Account, Contact, Event) + custom objects, you are all set with the Standard Resco license (unless you use advanced Resco features like Auditing or Route Planning). If your users have Salesforce community licenses, you can usually use Mobile Apps License. For more details, please see our pricing:

    Do I need different app versions for various users (e.g. salesmen and service technicians)?

    No, it is just one app driven by a user profile specific customization. User just logs in, app downloads a customization and applies it.

    Do you support Salesforce Chatter?

    Currently, we support Salesforce chatter only via an iFrame, however, the full support is in our roadmap.

    Can I use out-of-the box objects from my Salesforce organization in Resco? Is there a chance to create custom objects, too?

    Yes and yes. You can use any object you want. The default configuration is optimized for efficient offline mobile sales scenarios using standard objects, but using Woodford you are free to throw in and mix any objects from Field Service or another Salesforce Cloud. Of course, you get full support for any custom object online and offline.


    Does Resco support lightning and can our custom-built lighting components work in Resco?

    Since Resco is built on its own mobile platform and not on stack, it cannot host lightning components nor Visual Force Pages. However, it is possible to integrate these in Online mode using an iFrame component targeted at Salesforce URLs. You can implement iFrames as a dedicated mobile form or its section. Often, it is even easier and more user-friendly to create dedicated mobile layouts (including fields from other objects and validations) declaratively using Resco form rules. However, offline Visual Force Pages are not supported by any technology as they depend on the Salesforce backend to serve them.

    Can your solution pass the lightning app page layouts through, or is a custom design of the app page layouts mandatory?

    Resco cannot simply “pass” Salesforce page layouts, however, you are able to perform single-click imports of Salesforce layouts into the Resco format and further tailor these layout for mobility in the Woodford tool.

    Which CRM systems are compatible with Resco apart from Salesforce?

    Currently, Resco  provides mobile solutions for various back-ends other than Salesforce, including Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM or Oracle CX. Other systems can be integrated using Resco Cloud’s backend and custom integration plugin. Resco Cloud supports proprietary REST API as well as standard OData endpoint. It is possible to use 3rd party middleware such as, Scribe for integration purposes.

    Can Resco be integrated with an ERP system?

    Yes, it is possible via Resco Cloud backend synchronized with ERP system. The synchronization module must be developed by an integrator. 3rd party middleware solutions such Scribe are supported. We have many successful integration stories with systems like SAP and Siebel.

    Can I use Resco to build an app without any integration to a backend system (CRM/ERP)?

    Yes, it is possible. In such cases, Resco Cloud provides central data storage and CRM functionality at no additional cost.

    When working with heavily configured Salesforce environments, do you have to configure the Resco application to the same extent for it to work correctly or does it take the metadata from the Salesforce environment to configure the Resco app?

    Some configuration is respected by default (permissions, profiles), some are easily transferable (layouts, list views) and some need to be manually re-implemented (offline triggers, visual force pages, validation rules) using the Woodford tool or JavaScript. Automatic import of Validation Rules is coming soon to Resco too.

    You mentioned, with Resco you can be offline for days or weeks. How does Resco handle potential sync issues when the same record has been edited online and offline during this blackout?

    Resco handles conflicts concerning different fields of the same record gracefully. If the same field is changed, it can be configured to handle conflicts automatically (client wins/server wins) or show problematic records to user and let him handle the resolution.

    Can Resco perform advanced business logic in offline mode?

    Definitely. The Woodford tool provides comprehensive and easy-to-use graphical interface for defining advanced business rules and workflows (e.g. showing/hiding/calculating other fields, the logic can even use queried data from other objects). These can be executed in offline as well as, in online mode. For the most advanced scenarios, you can always use custom JavaScript code via Resco JS bridge API. Please note that to make things more convenient, Resco supports standard Salesforce business logic for Sales and Service scenarios in Offline mode out-of-the-box.

    Can we export offline database for development or debug purpose?

    Yes, it possible to disable database encryption using Woodford configuration and then use standard SQLite tools to work with the database. The database is encrypted for security reasons, so it is not recommended for production deployments. However, it is possible to interrogate database via Javascript API or export records to Excel from UI. For advanced development scenarios, our support department can provide you with all the support you need.

    Does geolocation work offline on all the platforms?

    Yes, as long as there is a GPS signal in the area.

    How are the triggers, workflows, validation rules and apex classes executed in Resco?

    In general, all the workflows, validation rules and triggers are server side behaviours and as such they are executed only when records are sent to Salesforce. When using the app in offline mode they will be executed when the app is synchronized (this can happen on user action or automatically in the background). If these server behaviours should be executed in offline, they must be replicated using the Woodford customization tool or by custom JavaScript code. The basic validations derived from Salesforce object definitions (e.g. required fields, number lengths) and permissions settings are automatically enforced by Resco and does not have to be replicated. The automatic execution of Salesforce validation rules is in offline is coming soon.

    Does Resco support Gmail and Exchange/Outlook email & calendar integration?

    Both email tools are fully supported. Users can send, receive, forward, and track emails. Attachments, and all other email features are also available. Right now, we don’t support calendar sync for Salesforce for neither (Gmail, Outlook). However, this is planned to be released in 2018 and can be prioritized based on client demand. 

    Can we integrate Resco with generic emails via IMAP/POP3 protocols?

    No, at this time Resco only supports Gmail and Exchange.

    Will the caller’s name appear on the screen, if the person is not in my device contact list, but is my CRM contact?

    Due to inherent limitations of other mobile platforms, this is supported on Android devices only.

    Can Resco be configured to use Google maps instead of for example Bing maps predefined in Windows?

    Resco uses Google maps for Windows Desktop and Android. For iOS, it is Apple Maps. On both iOS and Android, it is possible to work with Open Street maps in offline mode via MapBox tool.

    How can I control which fields will be visible in the layout?

    The app respects Salesforce permissions for the user, so disabling the right to a field is reflected in the app (online or offline). You can also configure dedicated customizations per user profile where you can import Salesforce layouts and tailor them to your mobile needs. Furthermore, you can also use GUI editor to write complex rules (also taking into account values of related objects) to dynamically enable/disable/show/hide/make mandatory fields based on change in fields or user actions.

    Can we use Resco with Salesforce Partner Community Users?

    Yes, without a problem. All that is needed is from a configuration point of view. To make sure that the Partner User Profile enabled for the Partner Portal will also have the API Enabled flag checked. The default Partner profiles from Salesforce doesn’t have it, so you’ll have to clone the profile, set the API Enabled flag to true and associate the new profile to your portal. Also make sure that the parent account owner is the user with the associated role.  Then you can use the Resco Mobile app to connect, just make sure to use the Standard User option instead of OAuth2.

    What about Salesforce Platform Encryption? Can it be used with Resco?

    Yes, it can. Salesforce Platform Encryption (sometimes called Shield Platform Encryption) can be used with Resco, only standard Salesforce limitations apply.