Configuration Documents

Woodford Download

Download your copy of Woodford for easy configuration and get customizing.

Woodford Quick Start & Full Guides

View HTML      Woodford Quick Start Guide PDF        Woodford Full Guide

Explains in detail how to install Woodford, create customizations and make them available on mobile devices.

Woodford Rules Guide

Form Rules describe sequences of steps that are executed on form related events OnLoad, OnSave, OnChange.

Resco Cloud Guides

Resco Cloud Guide        Resco CRM Server Guide         Resco Cloud Field Service Guide

A complete overview of all the ins & outs to understand how to work with your Mobile & Desktop solution.

Resco Cloud’s – Resco CRM Sync

A beginner’s introductory guide in how to create a connection and manage data with your Resco CRM and back-end.

Resco Cloud’s MailChimp Integration Guide

Get your Marketing going in Resco Cloud with the MailChimp Integration Guide.

How to connect Resco to Salesforce

Quickly and easily connect your Resco Mobile Solution to Salesforce, and gain access to Salesforce data, instantly.

Dynamics CRM Transition Guide

This guide lists the steps that should be taken by existing Resco customers & partners during a Microsoft Dynamics CRM server upgrade.

Dynamics CRM JavaScript Compatibility Package

JavaScript Bridge

Download the latest and version of Resco JavaScript Bridge file to use in your projects.

JavaScript Bridge Guide

JSBridge Guide

Download the latest Resco JavaScript Bridge Guide and get all the “ins and outs”.

JavaScript Bridge Legacy

Download the legacy versions of Resco JavaScript Bridge file to use in your projects.

JavaScript Bridge Reference

Description of the methods and objects defined in Resco JavaScript Bridge with useful examples.