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  • accenture
  • bcferries
  • nasa
  • bosch
  • cern
  • cfe
  • cocacola
  • deutschetelekom
  • directv
  • easyjet
  • disneyfeatureanimation
  • ews
  • fujixerox
  • ge
  • harris
  • honeywell
  • ibm
  • hp
  • johndeere
  • microsoft
  • mitsubishi
  • mondi
  • motorola
  • pepsi
  • postdanmark
  • rexroth
  • samsung
  • sharp
  • siemens
  • sybase
  • unilever
  • ups
  • usarmy
  • vw
  • yellowpages
  • logica
  • americanairlines
  • intermec



“I have researched many out there and Resco has the most innovative set of tools for mobile development. Way ahead of anyone else out there.”

– Reginald Henderson, Sales Engineer at Intermec Inc


“The MFT2009 is slick! Our Pocket PC app is so much faster, neater in appearance, and easier to maintain. We’re using the TabControl to manage all the pages within the app, which keeps things very neatly organized and the appearance is very slick and sexy. Great job, Resco folks.”

– Bill, World Information Systems, Greensboro, NC


“The toolkit is great. We implemented our mobile software with the help of the SmartGrid, AdvancedTree, and Outlook month and week view controls. The controls look 110% better than the stock WinMo controls and give us the flexibility we need.”

– Scott, Developer at Vision Database Systems


“Easy and fast to have mobile UI production.”

– Jason, Senior Mobile Developer at FDM Software


“MFT is a big time saver and I like the look and feel of the final GUIs. KeyboardPro is excellent. The many samples on RESCO site make development easy, eg. inserting checkbox in an advanced list took me 2 hours and it works like a charm.

– Craig, Application Developer at BC Ferries


“MobileForms Toolkit is simply great! Resco is putting our solution into another level of usability”

– Jose, IT Director at SIGGA


“I love the end user experience that it provides. The touch controls add value to my application.”

– Bill, Director of Development at InspectionLogic Corp


“Great Product, great support!”

– Anibal, Technical Programmer at Electronics Shop, S.A.


“Great tools. Helps a lot!”

– Jim, Software Engineer at Gribetz International


“Excellent tool that supply many features that we need and use, that previously we had to develop by ourselves.”

– Santiago, R&D at ITDelta


“The controls look great!”

– Graham, Software Developer


“It helped me to create a very attractive and modern interface for my applications. The controls are very lightweight, with a lot of properties, without having to write them all over again.”

– Alexandros, Developer at SoftWise


“We could not have developed our solutions as rapidly and with such quality without Resco Toolkit. I would go as far to say that we would have stopped our mobile development a long ago if it wasn’t for Resco’s Toolkit.”

– Geir, Developer at Hinfo AS


“These controls are real time-saver that helps me to focus on business cases programming instead of tweaking user interface”

– Slaven, Developer at Koris


“Very good components, easy to use, no problems.”

– Martin, CEO at Winchim


“Very good set of components allowing creation of good user interfaces possible! Helps a great deal!”

– Tim, Technical Director at TMS Support Solutions Ltd


“With the number of projects, we have to deliver, we would not have touch scrolling without the Resco MFT.”

– Charles, Software Architect at Leopard


“The toolkit is great and offers a great variety of components for daily usage which can be configured in a very detailed way.”

– Bernhard, Mobile Software Developer at Fieldworx Mobile Solutions GmbH


Success stories of our customers

Resco controls and components are used by thousands of corporations all around the world.
Check out couple of success stories of our customers that created wonderful mobile applications.




Well-known beverage company created internal sales force application for 1,000+ users.



Winning AIC/BCC Innovator of the Year 2010/2011 award with mobile application built in just 3 months. Impossible? Check this out!


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Asset Rental takes a great leap forward with the release of a Windows Mobile solution thanks to Resco Tools.