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Resco Roadmap

Routes Roadmap highlights and priorities

Commercial release

The official commercial release of Resco Routes will be in June 2019. It will include the mobile app, trial experience and demo data. All the main components (schedule board, location monitor, timesheet management) will be available.

Dedicated mobile app

A new mobile app called Resco Routes will be available on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Besides calendar management, route planning and time sheeting, it will be pre-configured to collect location data in the background and send it to the backend server.

Timesheet management

The mobile app will be also able to automatically generate entries for a weekly timesheet based on the current job’s status. This data will be then available to other departments (e.g. payroll, HR, project management).

All features and details


Timesheet management

The current data structure will be enhanced by two new entities: Timesheet and Timesheet Entry. The entries will be generated automatically in the mobile app based on the current job’s status and grouped under the corresponding weekly timesheet. Mobile users will be able to manually edit the timesheet entry if necessary, submit the timesheet for approval or generate a mobile report to see their weekly summary.


Mobile app

We will introduce a brand new Resco Routes mobile app on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) designed specifically for the mobile workforce. It will feature new capabilities, such as automatic location and time tracking or simple timesheet management. A mobile user will also be able to see the number of open appointments for the current day directly on the home screen and quickly access the next scheduled appointment. The route planner will help the mobile user to effectively find the best way to the appointment’s location.


Location Monitor – updates

Location data collected by the mobile app and stored in the backend system can be visualized using the Location Monitor. This component provides great insight into the past locations of the tracked mobile users, but it’s also able to display the expected route and time of arrival to the locations planned in the future.

Our goal is to continuously improve this tool and add the following features:

  • Automatic refresh – currently the manager needs to reload the Location Monitor to get the current location of the tracked users. We want to add the option to switch to a “live” mode that will visualize the location changes in real time.
  • Notifications – we are planning to implement a notification feature, so the manager will be able to send alerts to the users individually or in bulk.
  • User details enhancements – the manager must have access to all necessary information about tracked users.
  • Adding useful information to routes – e.g. traffic, weather.


Schedule Board

Fast and effective job planning for mobile users is a key activity for many organizations. Resco has already introduced the Schedule Board – a robust component that can be used for manual scheduling of tasks and appointments.

Our goal is to add even more flexibility to this tool: a manager will be able to setup a scheduling job that will automatically generate the required tasks/appointments and assign them to the appropriate mobile user based on pre-defined rules.

Here is a list of enhancements planned for the Schedule Board component:

  • Combination with Route Monitor – the visits are simultaneously overlaid on the map to increase the effectiveness of planning by using location awareness and geographical relationships between jobs/records.
  • Single User Mode which allows planning for one user
  • New design


Location, address and territory Management

To utilize the full potential of maps and routing in general, it is necessary to rely on accurate location data such as customer locations and job addresses. The task to provide this data and/or enhance existing data with GPS coordinates was left to the customer, but it turned out to be a bigger challenge. To streamline this process, we are going to provide the necessary tools for easy and effective geo-coding of existing data, as well as a simple setup for capturing location data for newly created records. But we’re not stopping there, once the location data is present. When a reliable data set is established, territory management can be utilized – defining regions and territory rules, e.g. managing automatic assignment of new leads to corresponding salesmen based on the location/address of the lead.

Resco’s Roadmap might be subject to change. The outlined features may be modified or updated before commercial release. Resco makes no warranties with respect to the information provided.

Last updated: 21.5.2019


The work on this feature has already started. The expected delivery date in next release (usually March, June, September or December), but if the feature is more complex it might require two release cycles to be completed.


The feature has been implemented and will be released in Resco’s forthcoming release (next: June 2019).


This feature is on Resco’s roadmap and is waiting to be picked up by the development pipeline to get implemented.


The feature has been released in last Resco’s release (Version 12.0 – March 2019).