Resco Roadmap

City Smart Services Roadmap highlights and priorities

App Portal

Making the creation of branded apps for cities automatic, so that every city can have a custom branded app on required app stores.

Web Client

The ability to generate web pages from Woodford will greatly expand the possible use cases and scenarios for City Smart Services – citizens might prefer to add certain types of incidents or review reported issues via their browser. The same definition – a mobile project – will be used as the source for these web pages to provide a consistent user experience.

Voice Control

Technicians might have their hands occupied, so their mobile application would greatly benefit from voice control. The app will read out loud the content of a data entry form, provide possible options and wait for the tech’s voice input.

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App portal

Each city needs a dedicated mobile app – a branded application with custom icon, splash screen and name. To allow creating such applications automatically and remotely, we are going to introduce a self-service portal, where these actions can be made. Custom branding images can be imported and an application for target mobile platforms generated, all without the involvement of Resco developers and manual building of such apps.


Voice control

As the technician’s hands are usually occupied, the application would greatly benefit from voice control. The application will read out loud the content of a data entry form and if necessary, provide available options. Then, it will wait for the voice input – for the user to dictate the value.

The voice control mode will be enabled by a gesture, command or an activation keyword. Additional keywords will be available for e.g. repeating the text, repeating the value of an answer or for skipping to the next item. Finally, it should be possible to enable the text to speech and speech to text options of voice control separately, based on the requested use case.


Web application

Web access is necessary for these types of scenarios – the mobile application is our primary focus, but citizens might prefer to add certain types of incidents or review reported issues via their browser. This should be available also to completely anonymous users, so they can use the reporting features as well. The ability to generate web pages from a mobile project means that a web app with the same properties, features and functions as the mobile application will be created with a single publish – using the same definition as a mobile app and providing a coherent user experience.



Even though Resco Cloud enables users to create powerful reports, it would be beneficial to prepare some of the reports in advance – e.g. how many incidents were resolved in a certain period, what was the average resolution time, or a summary of the costs involved. This would make the case for investing into this type of solution even stronger – pre-defined dashboards can visualize the added value of the solution to municipality officials, mayors, or governors. And the automatic reports could be also used as overview of activities provided by the officials to citizens.


MS AppSource & Marketplace availability

City Smart Services is a cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure. Soon, we’ll improve the discovery and deployment of this solution by listing City Smart Services on Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplace.


Extended Use

City Smart Service solution in its current state should be considered as an entry to the Smart Cities segment. There are several improvements that are on the horizon, most notably integration with IoT devices (to track certain types of incidents in advance, e.g. overflowing trash cans or damaged street lights) and waste management (to automatically tackle incidents related to waste materials and to provide waste disposal services on demand).


Municipality dashboards

Simplifying the use for city officials and providing immediate insight into operations, we’ll provide ready to use dashboards, that will show data such as:

  • Incidents. Resolved, open and in-progress incidents.
  • Costs. Current costs for already resolved incidents.
  • Jobs. Today’s jobs, jobs planned for the week.

And many more…


Geo-fenced notifications

Geo-location of incidents can be used to improve their discovery and resolution. Citizens can be notified that they are near an open incident or they can be notified that the incident they are entering has already been reported. City officials or technicians can be also notified that they are in the proximity of an incident that has been reported.


Notification management for citizens

Municipalities can use Resco’s City Smart Services to send notifications about upcoming events such as road repairs or electric grid downtimes. We’ll provide notification management for citizens, to be able to limit and specify which types of notifications they would like to receive.


Social interaction

A great adoption booster for systems such as Resco’s City Smart Services is the social aspect. We’ll enhance it by providing:

  • Chat. Utilizing Resco Chat we can provide a direct communication line between citizesn and municipality officials.
  • Share on Social media. Simplify sharing of the incident information and resolution on social media.
  • Social media login. Reuse the login from social media to increase adoption.

Resco’s Roadmap might be subject to change. The outlined features may be modified or updated before commercial release. Resco makes no warranties with respect to the information provided.


The work on this feature has already started. The expected delivery date in next release (usually March, June, September or December), but if the feature is more complex it might require two release cycles to be completed.


The feature has been implemented and will be released in Resco’s forthcoming release (next: June 2019).


This feature is on Resco’s roadmap and is waiting to be picked up by the development pipeline to get implemented.


The feature has been released in last Resco’s release (Version 12.0 – March 2019).