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Resco CRM Sync

How-to Guide for Resco CRM

Learn how to connect to Resco CRM, create a connection & manage data

Resco CRM Sync Beginner’s Introduction

Resco CRM Sync option in Resco’s Woodford, serves to connect the Dynamics CRM organization with Resco CRM. There are a number of reasons to consider this.  From moving a part of the workforce, especially sales people that will use the Resco Mobile CRM application for their daily tasks. To Dynamics CRM to Resco CRM, to moving all company data from Dynamics CRM to Resco CRM.

By creating a connection between these two organizations, you will create Resco CRM organization based on the Dynamics CRM organization metadata. So that all entities and fields from Dynamics CRM will be replicated in newly created Resco CRM organization. It also synchronizes data from Dynamics CRM to Resco CRM and vice versa.

A change in data in the Dynamics CRM will be synchronized to Resco CRM periodically and a change in the Resco CRM will be pushed to Dynamics CRM immediately after saving the change.

Creating a connection

To start with the setup, click on the Connect button. The Integration Setup screen shall be opened.

The Resco CRM Login’s Organization Name and the User Name (email) will be filled in based on the Dynamics CRM organization name and the user used in Woodford. You can of course change it. Then you need to add a password used to access the Resco CRM organization with the User Name (email). In the Organization Name field, please enter a name that will be used as an Organization name in the Resco CRM for the newly created organization. Do not use an existing Resco CRM organization URL.

Dynamics CRM Login will be set automatically according to the Woodford user.

resco crm sync guide - screen1

After clicking the Create button,

  • Resco CRM organization are created;
  • Entities based on Dynamics CRM organization metadata are created;
  • Entity fields based on Dynamics CRM organization metadata are created.
  • When you then click the Connect button, you will notice that there is a URL instead of the Resco CRM name. Using this URL, you can connect to the Resco CRM organization using browser or Woodford directly.

    resco crm sync guide - screen2

    Using the Disconnect button you will in fact request the delete of the Resco CRM organization that was created.

    Managing Data

    Now you can select which entities will be used for data synchronization. In other words, you need to define what data and the corresponding entities will be synchronized between the Dynamics CRM organization and the Resco CRM organization.

    resco crm sync guide - screen 3

    Update Server button serves to synchronize metadata changes. E.g. if you add a new entity or field in the Dynamics CRM organization, this action will create it in the Resco CRM organization.

    Sync All will synchronize all data of the selected entities between the Resco CRM organization and Dynamics CRM organization.

    Sync Entity will synchronize data in the selected entity.

    Save saves changes in the entities; what data will be synchronized (changes in the entity list and Sync Filter).

    Sync Filter specifies a filter for the data per entity, what records to sync from the Dynamics CRM organization to the Resco CRM organization, so you only transfer the relevant data.