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Build custom applications for any business scenario

Develop enterprise mobile apps efficiently with minimum to no code, no matter the industry or use case.

From zero to a hundred in record time:
Develop apps that target any business need

Searching for a way to integrate mobility into your company which completely aligns with your processes? Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform gives you the resources to build your solution from the ground up. Simply choose from a wide range of existing components configurable for a new use and target even complex business workflows with ease.

Cover the whole lifecycle

Start building and gain diverse capabilities in using reusable components, drag-and-drop interface and collaboration tools. Easily publish for web, iOS, Android, and Windows simultaneously. Analyze data and monitor performance of your app. Our Platform helps you with every step of Creation, Collaboration, Release and Monitoring process to form your unique solution.


Quickly build and prototype your app with Woodford


Create a business app where you can look up your products, add legally binding signatures, integrate emails, calls, document services, and more, thanks to the reusable components.

Less code, more control

Replace tedious programming with a low-code/no-code development platform. If the need for custom code arises anyway, our comprehensive JavaScript API is there to help.

Easy Cross-Platform Development

No need for development for each mobile platform separately. Your app will look and behave the same on any device with no extra time investment.

First-class security

Use out of the box security tools for protecting your passwords and data or integrate with 3rd party services such as Single Sign-On with AzureAD.

Don’t forget the UI/UX

Speed the process up with flexible layouts, grid-based forms, design templates, icon packs and color themes.

Harness the power of technology

Utilize native device capabilities such as camera, GPS, barcode/QR code scanner, glass signature and more.

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Everything to help your team work on a single project

One team, one tool

One access. Let your team work seamlessly on the same project without interfering or damaging each other’s work.

Access defined by user roles

Grant access to the tools based on user roles – to build an app, design mobile reports, see status of devices, etc.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Reuse is the cornerstone of good development. Make use of the fine-grained inheritance system.

Development simplified

Integrate with VCS systems like TFS or GIT and allow your developers to keep version history, maintain parallel branches and implement proper release management.


Deliver the app to your users

Branding portal

Add your own logo and manage the Appstore entry to maintain the presence of your company.

Upgrade wizard

Visually compare projects and oversee merging of new features.

The marketplace

Get your solution included and featured on the marketplace, a part or Resco’s web where customers can discover other partner’s verticals.

More to come

We plan to make the marketplace available from Woodford and allow users to directly install and update partner solutions, providing even better access to your products.

Resco - Partner marketplace

Resco - Sync Dashboard


See how your app performs

Visualize your data

The Sync dashboard will help answering questions like how often your users synchronize, how long it takes, and how much data is being transferred.

Good advice is better than gold

The monitor will also analyze the sync performance and give you tips on how to improve it.

Filters, filters everywhere

Filter the list of sync sessions by date, type, or users, to get an overview of the sync performance per day.

Zoom in on any problem

If you are investigating a specific problem, feel free to drill down into the core and check out a particular a particular user or a device.

Vertical Solutions for any industry

Just how versatile is the Platform? Visit our partner marketplace and discover Resco’s line-of-business solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, retail, IT, and more.

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The solution can be natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM & Salesforce. API for integration with 3rd party systems is also available.

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