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Inspections App

The Inspections app will become the go-to tool for your staff. Filling out forms will become more enjoyable while avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

A fully customizable experience

All forms created in the desktop Inspections user interface are immediately synced with the mobile app. Customize the look and feel with the new Home Screen Editor. Access all templates and completed questionnaires at any time.

See more with images

Add rich data to your forms to highlight issues by uploading images or videos. Tag photos or use AI image recognition.

Add images, sound or photos to your forms, edit them to mark problems.

Photo tagging
Add tags to images to comment or add questions.

AI image recognition
Use AI to automatically recognize parts and objects.

Generate reports on the spot

Generate reports within the mobile app immediately after completing a form. Send a PDF version of the report to your client or supervisor within seconds.

Offline Functionality

The Inspections app si fully functional offline. Collect data anywhere in the world and sync later to upload to your account.

Code Scanning

Scan QR or barcodes with the camera of your device to input data or match with information from your database.

Digital Signature

Sign all forms digitally in the app. Use the built-in signature feature or integrate third-party solutions like DocuSign’s eSignature.

Organize Your Work

See all your assignments and daily agenda in the built-in calendar.

Optimize your trips with the route planner.

AR Video Calls (Houston)

Consult your colleagues in the field over video calls. Use the augmented reality feature to highlight issues in real-time.

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