Get faster, safer and more efficient with flawless data

Resco Inspections is a mobile platform that will help you digitize forms and reports, get real-time data from field and facility, control your team and go mobile.

Manage your team, track work time, become more efficient

Digitize forms in minutes, switch paper for mobile, save costs

Get data in real-time, analyze in dashboards, receive alerts

Maximize operational efficiency, control your team

Schedule reports and assign forms to your team members, track how much time it takes to complete inspections.

Dicover bottlenecks, optimize your workflows, become more productive. Use Resco Inspections to manage your workforce.

Flawless data, immediate alerts

Collect data onshore or offshore, online and offline. Receive immediate alerts about inconsistencies. Get the big picture in dashboards, export to analyze in detail.

Better data will reduce human error to a minimum, mitigate hazards, enhance safety and environmental protection.

Digitize your operations in an instant

Digitize your inspection or maintenance forms and reports in minutes with an easy-to-use drag & drop editor. Bring them to the next level with many advanced functions.

Smart forms will help you reduce costs and perform more accurate pipeline, tank and equipment inspections, NDT examinations and comply with industry standards.

Book a tailored demo designed just for you

See how Resco Inspections can help your company

Digital transformation for Oil & Gas: Customize, integrate, deploy fast

Ready-to go platform deployable within weeks

Range of usecases: pipeline inspection forms, corrosion reports, daily logs…

Advanced capabilities (AI recognition, AR video calls..)

Customizable mobile app with full offline functionality. Support for wearables

Real-time data, report viewer, visual dashboard, export

Connect over API to any data system, NDT and other equipment

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