Business apps for smartwatches

Build Business Apps for Smartwatches

Quickly build apps with a no-code platform for wearables. Save costs, prevent machine stoppages, and improve productivity of your indoor & outdoor staff while keeping their hands free.

Increase response time

Automatic reminders and notifications, e.g. about a machine needing maintenance, help maximize employee utilization and decrease downtimes, resulting in significant savings of time and money.

Ensure employee safety

Smartwatches paired with voice control enable your staff to work safely even in physically challenging conditions. You can go even further and protect their health and safety by using real-time information about fatigue and environmental conditions.

New insights into your operations

Get a better overview of your business and optimize processes thanks to new type of location, activity, job duration and body functions data.

Make customer visits more personal

When visiting a prospect or performing a store inspection, tablets or stacks of paper can seem intimidating. Get rid of the barrier between you and your customer and leave the best impression.

Do you want to incorporate smartwatches into your day-to-day operations?

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