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Resco Mobile CRM Quick News

June 18, 2013

Our Summer Update is almost here.

Here is a sneak peak of what’s new.

The weather has been really hot out here recently. However tempting a swimming pool sounds right now, we are staying in our (air conditioned) office and work as busy bees on our new Summer Update.

The newly developed features are going to be released next week, but we are already giving you a heads up on what’s coming:

  • Advanced Find — users can create custom views on their devices
  • Chart Drilldown — reveals detailed information within a chart
  • Clickable Hyperlinks in text editor for iOS
  • Call through Skype or another provider (Android)
  • Record Audio/Video and save the file in attachments (Android)
  • Long Tap to create an activity in Calendar also available on Windows
  • Adding Files as attachments to Notes now also on Windows platforms
  • Dashboards on Windows Phone
  • Access entity Form properties and Fields from iFrame/JavaScript
  • Custom SQL Index Editor — speeds up the search
  • Improved Form and List Designer
  • Strengthening entity permissions (e.g. make entity read only on device)
  • Customize Form commands – remove standard commands, close with status, etc.
  • Image Editor in Woodford — changing/adding icons, pins, buttons

Mobile CRM app

Apart from these features, the newest update includes an extra module — User Audit. Supervisors can now keep an eagle eye on mobile users. Not in a sense of tracking their whereabouts, but rather observing how and if they use the mobile app. They will be able to track when & where mobile users:

  • create, delete or update entities
  • start and finish editing entities
  • synchronize the application
  • launch, pause and exit the app

Have an improvement idea of your own?

Share it with us on news@resco.net!
We highly appreciate every suggestion from you.

Upcoming events

Save the date! We have already planned new Mobile CRM Workshops suitable for both, consultants and sales professionals.  

  • 18.-19. November 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 25.-26. November 2013  in Boston, MA, USA


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