Mobile solution for Salesforce CRM


Get seamless access to your business data on the go. Use Salesforce without limits on all mobile devices, even offline.

Resco Mobile CRM for Salesforceを展示するデバイス




Let your field workers or sales reps access, create, and collect data anywhere. Eliminate data retyping and sync errors with the market-leading offline capabilities.


Use the devices you already have. Resco native application is available on Android, iOS, and Windows, in all Salesforce supported languages.


Deploy advanced mobility without the headache of a complex setup. Get a solution compatible with all Salesforce Cloud products, as well as all types of licenses.


Create and design your offline experience in a matter of days, without a need for custom integrations, or code thanks to the low-code configuration tool Woodford.


Resco & Salesforceのおかげでオフィスでの時間を30%節約

We were surprised how fast Resco's team could add Krones' requirements to their out-of-the box app. Resco was the solution for our problem right from the start. Now we're talking about the possibilites it gives us. Peter Becher Head of Organisation, Methods, KPIs, Central Field Service at Krones


We needed a system that would allow our team to enter Salesforce data in the forest, where the Internet is very poor. The main reason why we started seeking a mobile solution is that we wanted to be able to spend more time in the field with children and less time at the office, where the Internet is also slow. アラン・ウェント ラブ・イン・アクション代表取締役
LoveInAction テスティモニアルrescoInspections  for Salesforce


We had quick and effective responses to our requests for assistance when we were configuring the app. We were able to start testing the Resco app within 2 days and rolled it out to our field users within the first week while saving costs. ジョセフ・ガスリー GULPリミテッド取締役
GULPの体験談resco.Inspections for Salesforce


Resco makes us look professional in the field. We did not just modernize our image; we found a solution that saves us up to 5 days of waiting for reports with each visit. There is less administrative work and we have all the information at one place whenever needed. Jean Manuel Baron IT Director at Effy



統合されたinspections 機能で業務を合理化。デジタル チェックリストやアンケートを導入。シームレスなコミュニケーションのためのリアルタイムレポート。


ガイド付きワークフローでより速く、より安全に作業。現場チームを支援 ビジネスロジックを統合したアンケートで、現場チームが正確かつ一貫したタスクを完了できるようにします、 ルールとスマートな質問を統合します。


質の高いフィールドデータに基づいて、十分な情報に基づいた意思決定を行う。最新の現場情報 アンケートとデータベース間の高度な同期化とダイレクトデータマッピングにより、常に最新の現場情報を入手できます。 アンケートとデータベース間の

Field Service


Access all the records you need from your Standard and Custom Objects in an offline environment. Allow your field workers to fully focus on Work Orders, without worrying about their connection.


In one project, completely customize the look and feel of the application to fit your business and design needs for all devices and operating systems.

統合されたInspections 機能

Take your Field Service to the next level with Inspections – capture data, take pictures or provide guided workflows for Service Appointments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Resco Salesforce用モバイルCRM

Mobile Sales

Resco Mobile Sales for Salesforceを展示するデバイス

Enable seamless management of leads, deal statuses, opportunities, and order taking in any environment. Your field sales team can carry out all activities necessary during their customer visit, without relying on internet connection.


Equip your field sales with tools for effective mobile sales operations. Provide information your sales reps need to efficiently communicate with their customers, maximizing customer satisfaction.


Utilize our digital questionnaires to enhance your existing field sales process. Start collecting data immediately, to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness.



Digitize your Program Management activities and gain valuable and actionable insights thanks to our offline capabilities. Streamline your operations and process even further, allowing you to dedicate more towards fostering positive social impact.


Create a simple mobile experience that fits your experience, and requires little training for your volunteers to pick up.


At Resco, we pride ourselves on providing technology to help those in need, and we love the positive impact it has. To make our platform even more accessible, you can take advantage of our discounted rates for non-profit organizations.

Resco CRM NGO LoveInAction


Try our no-code platform. Design multiple mobile experiences with one tool. Open to endless customization options.


  • Rakesh Gupta
    Resco's mobile app not only brings the full offline capability to Salesforce users and their data. But, the app is fully integrated with Salesforce! It allows your Operations/Field Service teams to be in a remote location and still be productive. ラケシュ・グプタ Salesforce MVP & コミュニティインフルエンサー
  • Elise Rabouam
    As a Salesforce consultant, I find it easier to fulfil my client's needs thanks to the Resco technology. Configuration and overall usage is very intuitive. Resco's support team is extremely responsive. I would definitely recommend Resco. エリーズ・ラブアム SynefoのSalesforceコンサルタント
  • マリー=エレーヌ・ヴェルディエ
    Most of our employees use Salesforce behind their office desks. However, a team of sales directors is always on the move. Resco Mobile CRM integrates with Salesforce smoothly & lets its users be 100% productive. Each field user now has a 360° overview of contacts, business opportunities, and events that can be managed freely with a few swipes. マリー=エレーヌ・ヴェルディエ アドヴィソ・パートナーズ
  • John Mahoney
    Resco Mobile CRM is an enterprise grade mobile App with true offline capability. The configuration capability makes it extremely easy to use and powerful at the same time. Finally the default to the app in the MS-Dynamics world has come to Salesforce. Together they give users unprecedented ease of use and huge capability without having to employ a team of developers. ジョン・マホーニー コンズリーグ セールス&マーケティング部長
  • Martin Humpolec
    When testing Resco, we liked how flexible it is and lets you work offline with no limits. Plus, with Resco you are able to define different form and list view layouts compared to the full client. It is awesome how much you can develop and customize on the mobile device, which also means that some small changes you need to do on two places – in Salesforce and in Resco Mobile CRM. Which is small price to pay for the flexibility you have. マーティン・ハンポーレック PwC Salesforceシニアコンサルタント
  • アラン・ウェント
    We absolutely love the app! We are just wondering how we managed without it. We use Resco with Salesforce to track the progress of orphans and those in need – so that sponsors are able to see information and pictures of the children they support. Resco has made job in the field so much easier. アラン・ウェント ラブ・イン・アクション代表取締役