How to create Fiddler trace - Resco Mobile CRM
How to create Fiddler trace

In case you experience a connection issue between Mobile CRM app and CRM server or issues during synchronization, you can create a trace of the communication between the Mobile CRM app and CRM server and send it to us alongside the description of the problem for speeding up the troubleshooting. You just need Resco Mobile CRM desktop application and Fiddler Web Debugger application. This guide describes a simple procedure for reporting such issues with the mentioned app.


1. Install the Resco Mobile CRM application for Windows Desktop or use the Windows Store version of Resco Mobile CRM app

2. Install the Fiddler app

3. Enable the HTTPS to be captured and decrypted




If you will use Windows Store application instead of the Desktop app, please click on this box and follow the steps inside as well:

a) Click on WinConfig option on the toolbar and then agree on making changes.



b) Hit yes for the Loopback question



c) Find the Resco Mobile CRM item on the list and enable it. Then close the window


4. If the issue is related to any time issue, like timeout, or when it takes too long to perform the action, please also enable Filters and in Filters enable the option Time HeatMap.



5. Then try to reproduce the problem and if you will do so, save the session info and send it to us for review. You may need to start the traffic capture manually. Do so before reproducing the issue, to make sure all needed data is captured.



6. Save the captured trace and send it to us.