Webinar: Resco Case Studies

Case studies are great tools for both marketing and sales teams. They are engaging and relatable. At Resco, we always try to include numbers, quotes, and concrete ways how the customer benefited from mobility. Currently, we have approximately 20 partner and customer case studies combined and multiple are in the works.

In this webinar, we’ll go over some of the most popular ones, explaining the use case, problems they faced, and ways in which implementing our solutions, products, and of course processes, will help eliminate any challenges faced when coming across industry specific sectors. We’ll share insights gathered regarding the benefits, statistics, and see how Resco processes each case as its own specialty.

All our customers and partners are unique, and they all have different conditions in which Resco can be applied. We’re here to help and make it happen.


  • Benefits of case studies
  • Customer case studies
  • Partner case studies
  • Q&A

DATE: 11.12.2018
TIME: 4:00 PM GMT/BST (5:00 pm CEST / 8:00 am PDT / 9:00 am MDT / 10:00 am CDT / 11:00 am EDT)
DURATION: 30-40 minutes with Q&A
SPEAKER: Filip Fejdi, Partner Channel Specialist
FEE: It’s free!