Webinar: Summer Release of Resco Mobile CRM 2017: Get to know the newest features


Webinar: Summer Release of Resco Mobile CRM 2017: Get to know the newest features

What’s new in the Summer Release (version 10.1) of Resco Mobile CRM? Enhanced mobile analytics, dynamic styles for fields and views, getting roles via rules, footer with more info, and other 30+ features & improvements!

Get introduced to the newest features in a live tour by Juraj Mojik, Resco’s Senior Developer, who will not only do the walk through of the main features, but also guide you on how to set them up in the Woodford configurator, so you can start enjoying them right now!

Date: June 29th, 2017
Time: 5:00-6:00 PM CEST

• Extended mobile auditing capabilities – see which accounts have been really visited by Mobile CRM users
• Google contacts sync – users can effortlessly import contacts by synchronizing their Google account contacts to Mobile CRM
• Get roles via rules – set up a form rule to enable the visibility of extra fields only for certain user roles
• Dynamic cell style and visibility – the style and visibility of fields displayed in the app (also on a list view) can automatically change depending on specific conditions that admins can define in the Woodford configurator
• PartyList & StringList element at operator – provides access to values in PartyList fields like required attendees on appointment and similar
• List view footer – the list view can now include a footer that will display the selected and total record count; or even an optional aggregation calculator
• Grid view – thanks to a configurable column count, the app can now also show multiple records per row, which allows you to create a grid view instead of a traditional list view
• Extended Note attachment sync filter – exclude certain entity’s notes from synchronizing completely by setting additional filtering parameters
• Better control of child and parent projects in Woodford – enhanced visualization of inherited elements from parent projects in child projects and the ability to restore the original version
• Questions from the audience