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Resco Mobile CRM: Get to know the newest features

Webinar series: Get to know the newest features

The 4 major updates of Resco Mobile CRM in 2016 (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) have brought more than 140 new capabilities altogether.

We introduced the last two updates at our own conference in November 2016 in Philadelphia, PA and Munich, Germany. For those who couldn’t attend, we’ve now selected the most interesting functionalities from both, the Autumn Release (version 9.2) and Winter Release (version 9.3) for you to see live in action. Join us for the upcoming two-part webinar series, in which Juraj Mojik, Resco’s Senior Developer, will show you how to enhance the app and set up the latest capabilities in the Woodford configurator.


In Part 1 (Autumn Release) you will learn about:

  • Design dashboards in the mobile app – users can now create their own custom dashboards right within the app
  • New chart types & extended options for charts – get a better overview of the data with the new Donut, Gauge, Area, and Stacked Area charts and additional setting options
  • Calendar enhancements – display multiple entity types at the same time in the calendar, plus see handy previews in the Month view
  • Mobile reports improvements – generate mobile reports as Excel spreadsheets and make use of conditional visibility
  • Responsive list design – if you expand a list view on the screen, the items on it can automatically adapt their appearance to better fit the space
  • Expanded JavaScript Bridge capabilities – load even unrelated records & handle list commands utilizing JavaScript
  • Form Rules – learn how focus on a field can be set

In Part 2 (Winter Release) you will learn about:

  • Sales features – calculate subtotals on the forms for sales entities
  • Form Rules – new rule properties for Media tab
  • PublishAll projects button – publish all mobile projects with one click in Woodford
  • Email enhancements – new functionalities added such as show unread count, mark e-mail as read timer, All/Unread Only button, automatically show keyboard when writing a new e-mail
  • Major chat improvements – enable users to create simple surveys & polls, show unread count, redesign of push notifications with added sounds, overview of chat channels, upload file dialog, and more