Dynamics Inspections

Control remote operations and collect relevant data with ease

Resco Inspections for Microsoft Dynamics 365

A serious approach to Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobility

Offline? No problem. Works all the time.

Direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rapid deployment

Keep everyone on the same page with relevant data


Design easy-to-follow mobile forms and checklists

Avoid lengthy implementations with one app for Dynamics 365

Improve performance of remote operations – from machines to people

Create & store work documentation effortlessly

Automate workflows and minimize duplications

Mobile Worker

Minimal training required thanks to the intuitive app

Unlimited offline access to vast volumes of data relevant to each task

No or low number of incorrect procedures across even the most complex jobs

Assignments completed faster thanks to detailed instructions

Automated error-free data entry with advanced mobile features

100+ additional features to choose from

Reports with electronic signatures

Digital verification for a successfully completed inspection

Image capture, editing & tagging

Extended options to work with multimedia

Barcode & QR code scanning

For easier data entry & error prevention

Houston – AR Remote Assistance

Augmented reality video call assistance on top of in-app manuals

Wearables & Voice control

Talking is faster than typing and it keeps your hands free

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