Data Tools

Streamline your data collection with digital forms. View your results in dashboards and get automated alerts on the most important issues.


See all data from completed forms in a customizable dashboard. You can view all results immediately after syncing with the mobile forms, in real time. Select your data and visualize with an ideal chart type.

Custom Reports

Create fully customizable reports that include all answers, data, photos, and signatures. You can generate reports on the spot from the Inspections app and send them as a PDF to clients or supervisors.

Data Exports

Export all data from completed forms for in-depth analysis. Generate a CSV file or connect to third party tools like Power BI.

Question Scoring

Assign scores to your questions based on importance. You can evaluate form completion based on the overall score (e.g. Passed / Failed). Catch irregularities or recognize exceptional performers.


Set up alerts based on specific answers, questionnaire scores, job completions, and other events. Get notifications on inconsistencies or job progress in real-time.

Track duration

Track how much time it takes to fill out a form. Know how long it takes to perform a job and schedule daily tasks more efficiently.

Design, publish, and try your first mobile form today.