Configuration of the project in Woodford
Configuration of the project in Woodford

Configuration of the project in Woodford

This document serves as a guide for the Woodford’s project configuration section. Each of the configurable option has a short description next to itself, this guide expands on them and serves as a compilation of all available settings together with their described functionality.

User (CRM user with access to Woodford) gets to the Configuration section of the project by simply opening the used project in Woodford and selecting “Configuration” from the menu on the left side of the screen. After doing this, user is able to browse through the available configurable options that are displayed in the workspace.

WF Conf 1

User sets these options by either choosing the value from the drop-down menu or by entering the desired numerical value. The default value is displayed to the right of them. User also has an option to lock the value or reset it back to the default value.

Each change changes the name of the option to be displayed in Bold until it’s reset. Every change needs to be saved and published with the project.

Configuration groups

Configuration section is divided into 7 groups:

  • User Experience
  • Data
  • Synchronization
  • Security
  • Online Mode
  • PIM/Email
  • Accounts

User Experience

User Experience group houses the settings for customizing the user interface.

First subgroup contains settings for forms. User is able to set whether the forms are shown in full-screen mode, if a new flexible form UI is used or there’s an option to set the form’s list item scrolling to vertical or horizontal option.

WF Conf 2

Second subgroup gives user option to hide the list header, enable List Buttons or an option to allow Advanced Find. Also, user can enable an Incremental List Search or set the width threshold for switching to simple grid mode.

WF Conf 3

Legacy settings are placed into the third subgroup.

WF Conf 4

Next subgroup contains settings for modifying the save behavior.

WF Conf 5

The last subgroup of User Experience contains various options from the fullscreen setting to GPS position accuracy.

WF Conf 6


Data group provides all options for handling the data, attachments, photos and databases.

First subgroup enables the user to allow or prohibit the mobile users to hide entities or show/hide the “Delete Data” button.

WF Conf 7

User can set the maximum size of the attachments to be created, captured photos, quality of captured videos or allow/prohibit photo cropping in the second subgroup.

WF Conf 8

Third subgroup provides a possibility to allow/turn off the encryption or use Sql Like Optimization.

WF Conf 9

Last group houses settings for using of the Entity and Attribute map and Duplicate detection

WF Conf 10


This group contains the options for setting up the synchronization.

First subgroup enables user to set maximum number of records per entity to download, maximum size of downloaded attachment or email text sync.

WF Conf 11

This subgroup has the settings for lock during the sync or RowVersion change tracking. In case of needing to make changes, it’s advised to contact support (changing these options usually helps in troubleshooting specific issues).

WF Conf 12

Similarly to the previous subgroup, setting in this group should be changed only after contacting support (same as above).

WF Conf 13

The last subgroup deals with auto sync settings.

WF Conf 14


Security group has couple options for customization security, sync logins and password saving

WF Conf 15

Online Mode

Online Mode group contains settings for Online and Offline modes.

WF Conf 16


This group offers user to set reminders, show/hide personal events, contacts, whether to show emails as original HTML and setting of the CamCard ApiKey.

WF Conf 17


The last group deals with the account setup, root folders for Dropbox or OneDrive or setting up of the Google API key(disabling or locking any of these options will hide them in MCRM app’s Setup).

WF Conf 18